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Clayton Wood Furnace Reviews

"Great product at a great price-owned 2!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned the 1602 Clayton wood and coal furnace and now I have the Clayton 1802(217,000) BTu model. I have owned the 1802 for three years, heating 3500 sq ft home and keeps the chill knocked off of my garage too. The reason folks are reading these reviews is to see if the product is worth buying, I can tell you in both of my cases, It was a great buy, both bought new and both from Rural King!!! Reasonable shipping and no state sales tax!!! Both have burned wood and coal and the grates work good. These units are well built, heavy and will do the job day after day. I honestly cant say a thing bad about the stoves, both are great!!!! Just buy a little bigger stove than you think you need and you will be good!!!!

paul kesler

Hico, TX

"Great EPA Certified Wood Furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought this as it is the only epa certified furnace from us Stove and the price was great at Tractor Supply/ Every other place sells the unit for about $2500 (as the af700 Ashley Model). The cf700 Clayton model from Tractor supply was bought on sale for $1399! Unfortunately Tractor Supply is no longer carrying this model, but I have seen it on sale other places for $2199 and it would still be a good deal at that price. Furnace is easy to light. Draft controls are good and blowers move plenty of warm air. The blowers are controlled by a thermodisc on the stove that turns them on when the stove is hot enough and then off when the stove cools down. I did put a damper in the stove pipe, but don't use it much as the input control is about right and slows the stove down enough to get an eight hour burn, though the the blowers usually shut off in about 6 hours, so that means there are plenty of coals left for a new fire, but it really only puts off heat for about 6 hours. I looked into more expensive wood furnace with computer run controls, but glad I opted for this simple, efficient, and easy to operate unit.


Shelburne Falls, MA

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