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"Clare Furnace, H.EH.B. -80 : It is very reliable and I have had it since 1996."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned the furnace since the house was build in 1996. Ever since 1996, the furnace has worked really well; however, I have had to fix it a couple times, but it wasn't too expensive. I really enjoy how reliable it is and the look of it. It keeps the house warm in the winters. The only thing I disliked about it was the couple of times it had to be fixed due to it freezing in cold temperatures. I believe it had to be fixed after 6 years and then again at 10, but for going strong so many years it really isn't a problem. I would definitely recommend this brand to a friend, considering it is very reliable. Unfortunately, since it is an old model and the house is getting old, I am actually considering replacing it for a newer model. Hopefully the new one is just as reliable as this one!

Red Oak, Tc

"I have a question"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

The unit works well, but where is the filter located?

G Waugh

Vancouver B.C.

"Air Conditioning with Clare"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Our furnace is 23 years old. We are very satisfied with the heating. However, my husband won't put a central air conditioner on it because it is so old. Our windows in the house are too small for a single A/C to do the whole house. Is our best option for A/C now, 2 A/C units?

Ruth Ann Hoelsema


"Simple machines are more reliable than complex ones."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Never had problems, yes a little noisy, never stopped working, reliable. I would buy Clare Brothers again.

Enzo Ettorre

Toronto, Canada

"20 Warranty on Heat Exchanger"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I would like to know who covers the warranty on this furnace. I am told this company is no longer in business. The heat exchanger is cracked, I was without heat or use of the furnace since December 2010. Winter will be coming and I need this replaced. I purchased the furnace in 1997, when my new house was built. I purchased unit because of the warranty. Do I need to worry about replacing the whole furnace?

Helen Kennedy

487 Oneida Road, RR# 2 Southwold, ON

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