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"very poor customer service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

i was sold a bill of goods when i bought this thing. i was told that it would hook up to my house system with no problem. my house has a pressurized system. the old boiler was pressurized which hooked right up. the central boiler machine is not. my plumber and I spent two days trying to install this thing. finally central boiler told us to install a heat exchanger to keep the boiler separate from the house. unacceptable. they should have told me in the beginning that it was not pressurized and I would need a heat exchanger. whenever you have a question and call the factory, they refer you back to the dealer.. if I wanted to talk to the dealer I would call him. I 2would never buy anything from this company again.

vince mihulka

"Stay away from these people"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

There steel is bought in china, and this co. Has no class, stay away.

paul cunningham

Gooderham, Ontario

"Northern Michigan Winters Solved!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've owned the Central Boiler unit for 5 years now. I like the fact that it is built tough and very easy to maintain. There are components that should be replaced annually, but I have not had to replace any parts yet, knock on wood (wood, you get it?). One thing I do not like about the particular model is that it's the smallest model. I should have purchased one model bigger. If you have the opportunity to do so, go for it. You will thank me later for not having to constantly go out and fill up the darn box. I would buy this again and thinking about selling my current one to upgrade to one that is large and EPA certified.


Williamsburg, MI

"1st year E-classic 2300"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have owned this boiler for 8 years. This is the 9th heating year. Had a firebox fan go out, it happens. Different sensors go out. Ok. The major problem is creosote. Plugs up the supply hole for the air that feeds the fire, the turbulators plug up with creosote and I dump diesel fuel down them and light it to clear them out. From the turbulators to the smoke stack, yields a huge build up of creosote without a way to get anything back there to efficiently. Takes a lot of time to keep it clean of creosote and ash. not worth the 20% saving in wood. Now this year the firebox got so thin it sprung a leak. Tried to weld it shut. The firebox opened up like it was tissue paper. Warranty is basically, a promise of nothing. NEVER buy a mild steel wood boiler. it will rot out from the water jacket out. 300 stainless is th ONLY way to go. I would never buy another product from classic

Anthony Okalski

Goodells, MI

"The Classic Edge 350 Is Affordable and Effecient!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've owned this unit for a a little more than a year, I bought it in the winter of 2015 and I have to say it's extremely efficient for the price that it costs. The previous wood furnace that I had was extremely old and I found myself working on it more than I should so I buckled down and bought the Classic Edge 350 at one of the local dealers and so far I've been extremely satsified, it burns a lot less wood and so far I've had no maintenance issues practically have just left it alone for an entire year that's how efficient it has been. The coolest feature that I was surprised by is that it can be controlled by a wifi module so if you're at work you can look in and make sure it's running smoothly. It also comes in a plethora of different colors, I went ahead and chose the green as it made sense being in my back yard. I would recommend Central Boiler to anyone who was interested in getting an outdoor furnace or grill.

Kansas City, MO

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