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Central Boiler Maxim Wood Furnace Overview

The Central Boiler Maxim is an outdoor wood pellet and corn furnace. The Maxim is EPA-certified and features an integrated top-loading hopper with a capacity of 600 lbs. or up to 12 bags of wood pellets, allowing the furnace to heat for days on a single load. It has a water capacity of 90 gallons and features an electric ignition and spray-on waterproof urethane insulation to improve efficiency and save fuel. The Maxim is designed to heat a single home or multiple buildings, as well as provide domestic hot water.

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  • 62.5% of customers recommended

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Central Boiler Maxim Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Don't buy one!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had a classic 6048 wood stove from this company and loved it! Ran the thing for about 10 years and had zero problems. Heated a 4,200 square foot home, hot water, and a 40 x 32, 12-foot side wall garage with in floor heat. Recently moved and found a house with a Maxim m255p and thought, very cool. I can use this thing to heat the garage here as well. No wood cutting, just load the thing up. What a surprise I got. This thing is the biggest pile of garbage on the planet! And the bad thing is, it's only 4 years old. I ran it all last winter and never could get the fire star controller to work right. You can't get the thing to stop from going through back burns. The owner's manual is of no help and the air to fuel adjustments are the hardest thing on the planet to adjust. I just replaced the fuel door actuator motor and now it opens when it's not supposed to and the fire star controller is blinking one bar across the whole bottom of the LED panel. Again, nothing in the literature to explain this. And the absolute worst thing is finding a dealer within 100 miles that has any experience with this unit and a useless company to back it up. Been on the phone with them 6 times with zero results and a unit that doesn't work. You get, "You have to go through a registered dealer to get help with our product." What kind of crap service is that? I do not run my business in this manner, why should they?

P. Osborn


"Not happy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Dealers are to far and few between. Company unresponsive in helping to solve problems. This is my second one I have owned, the first one caught fire up in the corn bin and destroyed everything. This second is much better and it runs great when it runs. However the lp canister only lasts about a week then you have to change it. The creosote is severe and plugs the ports for relighting. Trying to set the settings are way to finicky . Anyway I have had trouble with both units one way or another. The concept of heating with corn using floor heat is absolutely great. But , they have a long way to go in perfecting one to work proficient. I am looking for other alternatives for heating shop and house.

D. Williams


"Goes Days Without Refilling!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We've been running our m175 for six years and have only good things to say. Other reviewers here may be confusing the category they're posting in so it's important to note this is a wood pellet furnace. The m175 (and newer m255 models) have a huge hopper on top that holds about 500 pounds of pellets at a time. When we start it in November and the temps are above 0, we only go through about one 40-lb bag of pellets a day. I make it part of my routine to go check it once a day which means lifting the hopper lid and maybe moving the pellets around with my hand (if the hopper if low, the pellets will naturally fall into the auger but they can bridge because the pellets tend to stay on the outside edges…gravity, go figure). If full, it can go several days without needing to add any more pellets. We have a 120-year old farm house and an attached 2-car garage and it never has a problem heating it all, plus we turn off our hot water heater and never run out of hot water (be sure to install a side arm heat exchanger on your water heater if you have an outdoor furnace!). I think it's important to burn only high-quality, premium pellets because the cheap ones do produce more ash. With good pellets, I take about a 5-gallon bucket of ash once every 2 weeks or so, meaning it burns extremely clean. Overall I'd highly recommend a Maxim!

B. Peterson

Middle River, MN

"Popular for a reason"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I was a bit skeptical at first about the sorts of claims they make with regards to how well these units can heat your home, and how much money they'll save you overall, especially given their upfront cost and the alternative way of needing to fuel them. However, I've found that, over time, the heat provided by this furnace has been far better than any I've gotten from more traditional central heating elements and radiators. When properly fueled, it heats your house up incredibly quickly and seems to keep it warm without needing to refill it constantly, for a cost that ends up being far less than if you were relying on more traditional heating elements to do the job for you. Overall, I've been very satisfied with this unit, and would recommend it to anyone looking into making the swap to a more renewable energy source for their home, as well as an efficient heater in general.

Grand rapids, Michigan

"Maintenance nightmare"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I've had trouble since day one. The aerator burns off regularly and regularly plugs between the top screw and the feed screw. I wired in a switch to isolate them, but it shuts down regularly. Restart it and it will run all day just fine and will go out over night ( the furnace is off site from my home). Service is difficult to arrange; I have been told 3 weeks for a technician. I am an electrician so we get by. We are in the third year of operation and cant wait to replace it.

J Bowman

Ontario, Canada

Other Maxim Reviews

Comments regarding the Maxim appear to be mixed. There are several positive comments on sites such as newagtalk.com regarding the heating capability and hopper size of the unit, but several posts on hearth.com are from homeowners complaining about problems with the unit's auger, particularly on older units.

Maxim Warranty

Product registration is required for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Central Boiler Maxim is comprised of the following:

  • 5-year unit parts warranty if registered within 10 days of purchase
  • 1-year parts warranty if not registered

Labor costs are not included in the warranty.

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