Central Boiler E-Classic Wood Furnaces

Central Boiler E-Classic Wood Furnace Overview

The Central Boiler E-Classic is an outdoor wood gasification furnace. The E-Classic features a three-stage combustion process, providing combustion efficiencies near 100%. A FireStar electronic controller allows easy operation of the furnace, and an automatic gas-fired wood ignition automatically relights the wood if the fire goes out for an extended period. It features a large firebox for longer burn times and a triple insulated firebox door holds the heat to increase efficiency. An insulated chimney exits the rear of the furnace, reducing heat loss and eliminating condensation. Base models of the E-Classic start at $5,490, though prices will vary depending on shipping and options.

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Central Boiler E-Classic Wood Furnace Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

A most expensive piece of s't I have ever purchased. Air inlet holes will split and warp due to flimsy steel which causes the front of firebox not to burn properly. Unit treated with required treatments and water tested. On their retrofit to remove fire bricks that wouldn't stay in the place they welded in thin steel plate. Weld's leak along seams a puts the fire out. Also had to Chang our bottom as pipes burn out and reaction chamber fills with ashes. Clips that hold access doors on are a pain to line up and latch. Open top exhaust before putting in wood and it will still blow flames in your face plus smoke will bellow out. Cheaper to heat with oil than buy this junk. Don't expect to get any satisfaction from the company. Keeseville NY dealer has few parts and less knowledge. I am 70 years old and have heated with wood all my life. Look elsewhere for better boiler and dealer. Hope this review saves you a lot of aggravation and your hard-earned money

T Maloney

Keeseville, NY

"Terrible Engineering"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Any company that would put this out in the field and charges customers for the required repairs does not deserve to be in business. I am an engineer in the fabricating business and the design and workmanship on this unit are terrible. Not one year has gone by without a major failure first the door rotted, then pump impellers melting, firebox rotting, replacing blowers, replacing controllers, solenoids, water level switches, transformers, and many of these numerous times. Now 9 years in and the inside looks like a sprinkler in the firebox again. I used all the ashtrol as recommended and was religious about keeping the ph of the water correct. Have you ever heard you can't help Stupid? Well, the engineer that built this boiler designed it with a 1/16 wall on the firebox. There is nothing any of us owners can do to fix that stupid decision. So they have a 25-year warranty that covers only material. Like they will pay a couple of bucks for a plate and weld wire while you pay $100/hr for an on-site welder that is good enough to weld on paper thin rotting walls. By the way, the inside of my boiler looks smooth and pristine. I know because I cut a chunk of the wall out large enough to get a good look at it 6"x12". The trouble is the firebox side is eroding even with the use of ashtrol. If you start with .060 walls it does not take much erosion until the leaks start. Now I have repaired over 25 leaks. Many across the bottom because the welding on my unit was so undercut that it leaks at each ripple in the weld. It is finally spring here and I will throw this post away for good. 10 years and 1 month in and at least 100 repairs.

Bradley J Benson

New York

"Don't buy this junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a e1400 in November of 2010, it has been nothing but headaches and cost since then. There is nothing reliable on it. I have not had a leak yet, but almost everything else has broken at least once. The dealer lit it 3 times after installing it then he left even though it was obvious it was not working. It will not stay lit because the solenoids only work at random then the fan burns out. The led lights only last 3 to 4 months then the computer is designed to shut down each time. It is a good theory as to how it is supposed to work and how Central Boiler and the dealer claims it works, but there is no cost saving or efficiency when it will not burn wood. I would never buy a Central Boiler unit again.

Henry S Northrup


"Bad warranty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

If you are buying a new wood stove – be aware that this company does not stand behind their warranties. Very disappointing

D. Goldie

Canton, MO

"Don't waste your money!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought my furnace in 2011 to the recommendation of the seller I spent 16,000 to have it installed. Used the chemicals to condition the water and the ashtrol the protect the firebox. Was told the furnace was warrantied to not leak for 25 years. Every time I have had a problem with the furnace, water pump. Door seal, electronic controller, the repairs were not covered under the warranty. Now I had three leaks. The dealership quit selling the product they won't come to fix it. The nearest dealership wanted to send out a welder for 500 at least dollars I asked if warranty covered the this and they said probably not because I probably did not properly maintain my furnace. I said the hell with the warranty and fixed the furnace myself for 20 dollars. Don't believe what they are saying they are all liars! The warranty promised is a very expensive piece of toilet paper, The work to gather wood, maintain a chain saw, gasoline and oil for a furnace that will only last 8 years is a fools expenditure. 16,000 plus the labor repair cost would buy a lot of fuel oil or electricity or natural gas and propane. Don't waste your money like me.

Donald Allen Burns


Other E-Classic Reviews

Several forums mention problems with earlier versions of the E-Classic that have been improved on later models. Several consumers on forestryforum.com report problems with the door, gasket and fusion chamber, along with other problems. Other comments on the thread advise them to upgrade to a newer model. Several consumers on another forestryforum.com posts are happy with the E-Classic's heat and efficiency. Comments on hearth.com are mixed, with some saying it uses too much wood and others stating that it heats well.

E-Classic Warranty

Product registration is required for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Central Boiler E-Classic furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 25-year manufacturer defect & workmanship warranty
  • 10-year prorated corrosion warranty

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