Central Boiler Classic Wood Furnaces

Central Boiler Classic Wood Furnace Overview

The Central Boiler Classic is a wood furnace available in four models, with a tank capacity ranging from 140 gallons to 764 gallons. It features a ripple top design for increased heat transfer area and a vent cap designed to eliminate evaporation. The unit's large, insulated cast iron door is designed for easy loading and maximum efficiency, with a powder coating for increased paint durability. A water-filled HeatLock baffle will not warp or burn out, and sprayed-on urethane foam insulation forms an airtight seal around the water jacket. Due to the EPA's New Source Performance Standards, new Classic models will only be available until the end of 2015. Base models of the Classic start at $5,490, though prices can vary depending on shipping and options.

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Central Boiler Classic Wood Furnace Reviews

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"Continually breaks down"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a 6048 model last year. I have replaced the solenoid four times so far. It breaks down so often that I purchase solenoids two at a time so I have a spare on hand in case it fails on a weekend or holiday. The solenoid locked in the up position this morning causing the damper to stay open until I noticed steam billowing from the roof vent and the water level so low that it would not register on the gauge. I wish I had spent $14,000 on heating oil rather than this piece of worthless scrap metal. It has left my family cold and without hot water on many occasions. Don't waste your money.

Dan Latta

Olivet, MI

"Central Boiler Junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a 4 year old cl 5036. The water jacket is leaking water into the firebox. It is completely ruined. The company refused to return my calls until I posted my pictures on their Facebook page and have now blocked me because I told the truth about the junk they produce. The 25 year warranty is worthless. They said my water caused the problem. End of story. The stoves are junk, the warranty is junk, and the people who work at the Central Boiler head office are nothing short of snake oil salesman who can't stand behind their products. Do not buy a central boiler. You will regret it?

Shawn Gillis

Wardsville, Ontario

"Welds leak"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Unit is unusable due to poor welds. No warranty as they say it is my fault. Not sure how I am responsible for their welding. Anyway, looking for another brand for my next one. I should mention I did get 8 seasons out of it and replaced the door and many solenoids.


Alberta, Canada

"Do not believe warranty assurance"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We've had a central boiler wood burning stove for 5 years. The last 2 years, there have been leaks in the bottom of the water jacket. Note: I have 3 neighbors in a 1 mile radius from me with central boilers that are older than mine (water from same source)–none of the 3 have ever changed or treated the water in their stove since installation. They've had no problems. We had two separate boilermakers look at the situation– both indicated there were likely problems with the stove from the factory, as the blisters observed on the outside of the water jacket were indicative of such. Central Boiler was no help in the situation; they immediately pointed the finger at us and corrosion and the water test levels. Even had we been able to "prove" the water levels, through video, etc, this company would not support repair but would charge us for shipping one way and for the actual repairs at their location in Minnesota. Do not purchase from this company; look at the results of surveys. Talk to boiler makers with years of experience–there are boilers out there that have never been treated with corrosion inhibitor that have no leaks. We are stuck with this thing. When repair is no longer feasible, we will purchase from another company. Extremely poor investment.

Scott Paden

Hillsboro, IL

"Glad I sold it!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After reading the reviews of other people's stove rusting out I am glad I sold mine this summer. It was a model 5036 & just gobbled wood. I called several time to Central Boiler and really didn't get any satisfaction and same with the dealer. This was a major expense to purchase this thing. I have a cast iron stove in my living room that I used before the Central Boiler and using it today. Last weekend when we had -15 degrees I went through about 5 armloads of wood, not as much as the boiler would hold. I would have to fill that boiler 4 times on a day like that and was concerned it would be out in the morning. I do have to wonder now if I buried my piping deep enough as it would melt the snow where it was laying, but I used what the factory recommended. The stuff you could lay on the ground if you didn't get it buried in time. I couldn't go any deeper than 1 ft with this stuff with where I was burying it. I ran into someone else that had an older version of my unit, (which was made in 2007). He had the same problem, and no help from Central Boiler. He ended up selling his and getting a different brand the next size bigger and went through way less wood and didn't have to fill it as often. I am a heating contractor by trade, and replaced a furnace this fall for a customer that has an outdoor boiler. Different brand, similar size house but does not use the wood that I did. His boiler even had less water capacity than mine did. I just don't get it. Very unhappy with the Central Boiler I had. Wouldn't recommend them to anyone!

P Kuempel

Northeast, IA

Other Classic Reviews

A homeowner on hearth.com was trying to choose between the Classic and a Heatmaster unit which was $2000 less. A couple of people said to get the Heatmaster because the price is so much lower, but a slight majority preferred the Classic because Central Boiler is a bigger company with more support. A homeowner on forestryforum.com deciding between the Classic and the E-Classic was told by most responders that the Classic is time-tested and that most customers have been satisfied with it.

Classic Warranty

Product registration is required for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Central Boiler Classic wood furnace is comprised of the following:

  • 1-year manufacturer defect & workmanship warranty

An optional 25-Year Warranty is available if a Limited Warranty Registration Form is completed and sent to Central Boiler within five (5) days of the original owner taking possession of the furnace AND provided that one thermostatic valve per set of supply and return lines is installed in the system.

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