Carrier Infinity Heat Pumps

Carrier Infinity Heat Pump Overview

The Carrier Infinity heat pump has an efficiency rating of up to 20.5 SEER and 13.0 HSPF, and all models and sizes of the Infinity have earned the Energy Star qualification. It is available with single-stage, two-stage and variable-speed compressors, and uses the Silence System II to keep sound levels as low as 56 decibels. The Infinity Touch Control monitors the user's preferences and the outside conditions, and has a Wi-Fi option which allows the system to be managed remotely. A galvanized steel cabinet with a louvered coil guard and baked-on powder paint finish protects the unit from weather hazards.

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  • #2 of 9 Carrier Heat Pump
  • 47.37% of customers recommended

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Carrier Infinity Heat Pump Reviews

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"Do not buy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

5 years of repairs. Great money maker for their service contract.

B. Ordway

Harford, MD

"Great heat pump for these cold mountains!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I've been the proud owner of my Carrier Infinity heat pump for 8 months now. It hasn't been used except for the last month or so due to our unseasonably warm weather. Here in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee our winters can get brutal and it takes a brand like Carrier to hold my trust. First thing I noticed about this unit is how quiet it actually is. I think the actual air coming from the vents is louder than the unit itself. I was also shocked when I received my first electric bill after a month of use. Let me say I was pleasantly surprised. As far as dislikes are concerned, there isn't really much that I can say. I'm not one to set back and have people do work that I am capable of so I actually installed the unit myself. Might I add, if you are in the HVAC business you'll love the ease of putting these babies in.

Oneida, Tennessee

"Amazing and efficient heat pump"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had to get a new heat pump after my old one stopped working and I went with a more expensive well known brand hoping it would last. Well it was worth the research and paying a little more! I've owned this Infinity heat pump for about three years and it works better than my old one did brand new! It even came with a factory warranty of ten years so I have that piece of mind that if anything does go wrong, it's covered.My previous one never came with a warranty and I only had it five years before it failed. I have not had any issues out of it in the three years of owning it either. It even saves me money on my electric bill. The only con I have about this brand is how bulky and loud it is. It's a lot louder than my old one and takes up more space but I would recommend this brand to my family and friends.

Knoxville, TN

"Still pleased after 8 years"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

9 years ago I bought a condo which came with a Goodman AC that was only a few years old. Unfortunately, it was poorly-installed and never was able to properly cool the house, along with $300-$400 electric bills as an added insult. After consulting with multiple contractors, the consensus was that the ductwork needed to be replaced, and refrigerant lines needed to be replaced (kinked line). After all of that work, it seemed natural to replace the nasty, noisy Goodman with something better. Enter the Carrier Infinity system. It's multi-stage, so it's usually running on low all day long. The Infinity controller does a good job of making sure humidity stays under 47% and there's usually a steady stream of water trickling out of the drain pipe all day long. With the way we did the ductwork and vents, the air handler is dead silent. Literally, you can't hear it running. Even with the mechanical closet open, you might be able to hear a faint movement of air, but not unless you're standing within a foot of the unit. The heat pump outdoors does make noise, but it's quieter than anything else in the neighborhood. It sits right by my patio and doesn't intrude on conversations like the old Goodman heat pump did. My neighbor's AC across from me is louder in my patio than the Carrier. Heat-wise, we've locked out the electric back-up heat, so the heat pump has to carry the full load. And it does so up until it gets below 20F or so outside. On those cold spells when it barely gets to 40F outside, I'll just leave the heat pump running 24/7. It may not have enough capacity left at the cold temperatures to increase the indoor temperature, but it has plenty to keep up with the heat loss of the condo. Dislikes? It's big.. very big. Enough that the HoA complained to code enforcement. Code enforcement told them to deal with it — it was properly installed and all the new equipment is larger. Repairs.. so far, none…and I hope it stays that way. I'd imagine parts for this won't be cheap. All in all, very pleased. Would I replace it with the same thing again? Absolutely. When it was time to replace my parents' AC system, I put a Carrier Infinity in there as well. Even at a beach location it still handles the humidity well.

Tampa, Florida

"Bad compressor"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought Carrier Infinity heat pump 3.5 years ago. Two compressors down. Dealer says Carrier knows about the compressor (Bristol)but won't call them defective. Carrier will buy back my outside unit and replace it with one that actually works for $1300. I wish they sold me one that works in the first place.

L. Lee

Northern Virginia

Other Infinity Reviews

Based on comments from online HVAC forums, the Infinity is considered to be a good heat pump. There are a few comments from people having minor problems, such as cycling issues. Many of the reviewers on regard the Infinity as a great unit, though higher priced than most other heat pumps.

Infinity Warranty

Product registration is required within 90 days of installation for maximum warranty coverage. The warranty for the Carrier Infinity heat pump is comprised of the following:

  • 10-year limited warranty on parts
  • 10-year limited warranty on the compressor

The 10-year parts and compressor warranties revert to 5 years if the product is not registered within 90 days. Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.

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