Carrier 25HNA Infinity Heat Pumps

Carrier 25HNA Infinity Heat Pump Overview

The Carrier 25HNA Infinity heat pump series is available in one- or two-stage units. As a two-stage unit, operation mostly occurs in the lower stage for cost savings. The Infinity heat pump series is designed to partner with the Infinity series furnace enabling the utilization of hybrid heat. Carrier's hybrid heat involves a duel-fuel system in which the system optimizes the efficiencies of fuel sources by switching between electricity and gas. With up to 19 SEER and a 9.5 HSPF heating efficiency, the Carrier 25HNA Infinity series has earned the Energy Star rating.

To minimize noise production during operation while maintaining maximum air flow, the Infinity series employs the Silencer System II, which includes forward swept fan blades among other noise reduction features. The unit produces 69 dB during operation, which is about as loud as the average vacuum cleaner.

The 25HNA utilizes the Infinity Control System for temperature programming and enhanced diagnostics for easy repair. The unit is manufactured with a steel louver coil guard and is made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel for weather protection and durability. The exterior is coated with a baked-on powder coat paint.

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  • 14.29% of customers recommended

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Carrier 25HNA Infinity Heat Pump Reviews

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"Worst Nightmare in HVAC"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Unit is 5 years old, 4-ton. Nothing but problems. Compressor gone for the third time. Constantly breaking down. Installer is not the problem. Carrier have an absolutely horrible product. Had an electric forced air furnace that worked great for 25 years. Decided it's time to upgrade and went with Carrier. Worst mistake we ever made. We regret our purchase of the Carrier everyday. System down again yesterday and here we sit in New Brunswick, Canada with no central heating unit. Garbage product and Carrier are aware of their compressor problems, but nothing done about it. Stay away.

M. Edmunds

Moncton, N. B.

"Money Pit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought the heat pump in 2006. Since then, it has been nothing but a money pit. Compressor has gone out twice along with the contol board. It requires a recharge every spring. My service guy says, there is a leak somewhere but cannot find it. To date, I have spent over $2000.00 in service calls and parts.

S. Lee

Pacific, Missouri

"Constant Break Down"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Year one, compressor was replaced under warranty. Every year since then, there is an issue and the unit needs to be repaired. I would never buy a Carrier product again.



"2 Stage 19 SEER System"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The process of choosing the right contractor was long and tedious. My wife and I have evaluated (9) quotes for this job (big business, small business, local, and outside the area). We selected L & B Universal, Inc. for this job. The hard work in evaluation quotes paid off as L & B Universal turned to be an excellent choice. At the beginning we thought L & B were the best contract based on value alone (lowest quote), but quickly realized during installation and afterward that we have chosen the best contractor not only based on value alone but also on performance, maintenance, and value. Out Carrier Infinity 2 stage 19 seer heat pump system cost less than $8k ($2k to $3k savings) when compared with the next closest quote (value). Installation went perfect, on time arrival, an army of professionals arrive to prep. the area and watching the team at work left me with the impression that they are true dedicated experienced professionals, and at the end I was surprised that qa and final check list was performed by the company's owner 'Bruce' (performance). Also, we were given two years maintenance and service free of charge and in conjunction with manufacturer warranty we were given three years labor warranty (maintenance & value). I certainly will recommend L & B Universal, Inc. to all my relatives, friends, and co- workers. L & B thanks for a great job, you guys are the best!

Maher Qader

Woodbridge, Va.

"Heat pump & Furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had heat pump & furnace installed 11/6/2006. Since I have had rerpairman many times.First month heatbill over $500 double what is was with old unit.Had installer com back and said nothing wrong.Called installer back month later and he was out of business. I the call anothe company. They said it was,nt istalled right. Shipping bolts as well as othe shipping items were not remove on installationThe next year they had to repair mother board.another year and agin Ihad to rreplace mother board. Next year comes along and had to replace comprfessor.thid year or so anther mother board but this time the move it wher the water cannot get to it.Today, they say I need to relace outside sensers.O Course Carrier will do nothing.Beside the cost of purchaseing unit at $10000 I have spent a lot of money for parts and labor.Saveyourself a lot of grief Don,t buy carrier products and make sure you deal with a installer that won,t out of business and leave you with the mess.Don,expect carrier to help they don,t stand by their products.

roy smith


Other 25HNA Infinity Reviews

Comments on other internet review forums are mixed regarding the Infinity series and Carrier products in general. Some sites consider infinity heat pumps to be very reliable and of high quality. However, there are numerous complaints on that include issues ranging from costly defects with the Infinity�s compressor to difficulty with assistance provided by Carrier customer service.

Carrier 25HNA Infinity Model Numbers

The 25HNA Infinity is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
25HNA924A31 19 / 9.2 0
25HNA936A30 18.2 / 9.5 0
25HNA948A30 16.8 / 9.3 0

25HNA Infinity Warranty

With proper and timely product registration, the Carrier 25HNA heat pump series has a 10-year parts limited warranty. Labor costs are not covered by the warranty. If the product is not registered within 90 days, the coverage is reduced to 5 years, although optional extended warranties are available.

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