Carrier 25HNA Infinity Heat Pumps

Carrier 25HNA Infinity Heat Pump Overview

The Carrier 25HNA Infinity heat pump series is available in one- or two-stage units. As a two-stage unit, operation mostly occurs in the lower stage for cost savings. The Infinity heat pump series is designed to partner with the Infinity series furnace enabling the utilization of hybrid heat. Carrier's hybrid heat involves a duel-fuel system in which the system optimizes the efficiencies of fuel sources by switching between electricity and gas. With up to 19 SEER and a 9.5 HSPF heating efficiency, the Carrier 25HNA Infinity series has earned the Energy Star rating.

To minimize noise production during operation while maintaining maximum air flow, the Infinity series employs the Silencer System II, which includes forward swept fan blades among other noise reduction features. The unit produces 69 dB during operation, which is about as loud as the average vacuum cleaner.

The 25HNA utilizes the Infinity Control System for temperature programming and enhanced diagnostics for easy repair. The unit is manufactured with a steel louver coil guard and is made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel for weather protection and durability. The exterior is coated with a baked-on powder coat paint.

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Consumer Reviews of Carrier 25HNA Infinity


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  • 14.29% of customers recommended

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Carrier 25HNA Infinity Heat Pump Reviews

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"Do not buy a Carrier!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Very unsatisfied is just the tip of my frustration with Carrier. I have a 9 year old Carrier Infinity heat pump that is completely fried! I'm having it replaced next week. Unbelievable. Ironically, I'm replacing it with a superior brand for less than I was charged 9 years ago. I will never use that dealer or Carrier products again. I would not buy a Carrier window fan much less a heat pump.


Richmond, VA

"Faulty heating system"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We've had our system for 7 years. Went through 3 compressors. We're in a heat wave. Carrier won't do anything about the problem. I think it's time for legal action. No more bandaids. This system cost me $9000.00. What a waste.

tanya d gibson

Dryden, VA


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We had this unit installed by an authorized Carrier dealer. They botched the installation which lead to problem after problem. After telling us "it's a difficult unit " they admitted they couldn't repair it, so we complained to Carrier corporate who referred us to another authorized dealer. This company not only did not repair our unit but straight ripped us off. A tech didn't apply the payment we gave them, they ordered warranted parts from Carrier and told us they were not warranted, etc. When our unit finally died completely we called Carrier again, who told us our problem was with the repair company and they were no longer an authorized dealer due to their poor service. But carrier referred us to them and they were authorized when we started the repair process. Carrier has blown us off and will not return our calls. We were told by yet another "authorized" dealer that Carrier won't help us. They gave us the name of the district manager who won't return our calls. Will never buy, or refer anyone to Carrier again. This nightmare unit and company has cost us over $20,000. They should be ashamed of themselves. We are now having to take a loan to get another unit . Run from this company!


Troy, AL

"Carrier quality and poor compressors"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed an all-new Carrier heat pump Infinity. It worked great until a numb nut youthful "service" kid from a major Cincinnati company played with it. Guess what, the compressor was bad. Not only that, but there were also defective compressors which Carrier never mentioned. The original installer never filed paper work for the 10-year warranty. Got a new one, then the entire coil froze up; another $500. Carrier just does not care about quality at all. I would never use them again. Live and learn.

cal kowal

Alexandria, KY

"Failed Carrier unit"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit has had 2 compressors replaced and it looks like a third one is needed. I called the company and they were useless. Spent more money on this in 8 years than I spent on the old one in 20 years. There has to be some recourse for this type of bad equipment.

G Wright

Baltimore, MD

Other 25HNA Infinity Reviews

Comments on other internet review forums are mixed regarding the Infinity series and Carrier products in general. Some sites consider infinity heat pumps to be very reliable and of high quality. However, there are numerous complaints on that include issues ranging from costly defects with the Infinity�s compressor to difficulty with assistance provided by Carrier customer service.

Carrier 25HNA Infinity Model Numbers

The 25HNA Infinity is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSPF BTUs per Hour
25HNA924A31 19 / 9.2 0
25HNA936A30 18.2 / 9.5 0
25HNA948A30 16.8 / 9.3 0

25HNA Infinity Warranty

With proper and timely product registration, the Carrier 25HNA heat pump series has a 10-year parts limited warranty. Labor costs are not covered by the warranty. If the product is not registered within 90 days, the coverage is reduced to 5 years, although optional extended warranties are available.

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