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"Very noisy, totally unacceptable"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I wish I had checked a few furnace review sites before purchasing a new Carrier furnace. I had to replace my 25-year old Carrier 58sxa furnace, which served me well all those years, until just recently. I went to a reliable dealer, Husky Heating and Air-Conditioning in the greater Toronto area. They installed a new Carrier, Performance series, model number 59tp6a. The installation went well, the installer, George, did an excellent job. Within hours I have noticed how much louder this new furnace is compared to the old one. With fan set to Auto, the fan does not come on until the thermostat gives it a command to get things going, so to speak. The fan goes through three different levels of speed, each one being louder than the level before. At its highest speed, the fan and burners are so loud, it's like being at an airport. The noise is simply too loud. When the furnace shuts down, the house becomes eerily quiet. I called Husky about the noise, they sent George over. He checked everything out and apparently it all works as designed. I do not doubt George, he knows his job. I blame Carrier for making such a noisy monster. To be fair, the furnace works well. I just wish it weren't so noisy. Every time it comes on, it wakes me up. What I have to do now is turn the set-back down so low, that the furnace does not come on at all at night, not until the morning. I am using a second duvet on my bed to keep me warm. After I have discovered this problem with noise, I went on Carrier website, product page, to write my review of the furnace. There are about 20 reviews altogether, all glowing about this particular furnace. I wrote a negative review – do you think it made its way into the review pages? Certainly not. They don't like any negativity. Next summer I am planning on installing a new air-conditioner. I know one thing for sure – it won't be a Carrier product.

Martin N.

Toronto, ON

"Really Bad News From The Start"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a brand new Carrier Furnace and AC system about 5 years ago to replace a 50 year old Climatrol unit that never caused any problems at all. The first year the ac never cooled the house. After a year and repeated service visits they found a leak in the outside cooling unit and had to replace it entirely. Two years later the electric air pump motor for the furnace went bad and they had to replace an $850 unitized component to fix it. Now they are back pulling the entire guts out of the furnace to replace another unitized component because the secondary burners went bad. I'm told this unit is well over $1,000. If the P-trap is not drained at least every 6 to 12 months the entire blower assembly fills up with water which I'm told can back up into some of the electrical switches. If this isn't the poorest designed, poorest manufactured furnace/AC unit, I don't know what would be.

Mr. D


"Exceeds my expectations"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Love the fact that it is so quiet compared to the single stage it replaces. The heat is more even throughout the house. The savings in gas and electricity are real and an added benefit. Would absolutely buy again. My contractor was Francis Fuels, who did an exemplary install.

Brian Dover

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

"System failed at 8-year mark"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We have 3 Carrier furnaces in a home we built 8 years ago. Specifically instructed the builder to use Carrier to support the local company. We regret that decision. We've had problems with all 3. The worst problem occurred at the 8-year mark in the listed model. The blower motor went bad, which in turn destroyed the master board. >$3,000 replacement costs. Not under warranty, no assistance or consideration from Carrier. Last time I will ever use a Carrier product.

H Pellegrin

Arlington, TN

"Super hot exhaust"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased this unit in 2010 .Ever since, the exhaust temperature (in the flue) at 12 inches above unit, was too high. A Carrier repair dealer came three times, took all kinds of measurements (amps,volts, temps ,pressures etc). The exhaust temperature in the flue was 370 degrees(the double wall flue was too hot to the touch). The tech replaced the draft inducer, still too hot. Today, after another visit,the tech said this is normal. Is it really? I called Carrier to confirm. Believe it or not, Carrier did not have a service rep to confirm and did not have a spec sheet available. The Carrier rep sent me back to the original dealer. I bought Carrier thinking that is the top brand. It is not. And follow up service and assistance is below any level. Don't ever buy it.

Steve Sarkis

Silver Spring, MD

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