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"Furnaces are a lemon!! Don't buy from Carrier-No Service!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Worst service and I had 2 furnaces installed in 2011.Then blower motor quit on dec.2016. Thankfully serviceman was kind enough to put it thru warranty. Then December 2017 Furnace 2, blower motor & motherboard replaced. Carrier won't honor warranty, stated I had not registered with them. When Sears installed the furnaces in 2011, they stated they would register. I also had a small rebate from Sears,thus furnaces should have been registered. I paid $800. to have it fixed because it was winter. Then in June furnace #1 heat infuser quit. Would cost over $1000.00 My plumber is going to install an American Standard furnace for $3500.00. He said all he does if fix Carrier & Lennox but has not had problems with American Standard. I would seriously consider a class action lawsuit against Carrier!!

Phyl Larm

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"1000000 btu uplflow, 58gs series"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

This Carrier upflow gas fired 100,000 btu furnace was installed in 1983. 35 years ago as of this date. I have replaced, as follows: 1 thermal couple, 1 limit switch, 1 burner, 1 blower fan motor. Less than $200. I think it has performed great.

larry brazeal

Tulsa, OK

"Disappointed in quality"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Two furnaces in my house, both Carrier. First one was five years old when replaced, second one was seven years old when replaced. Very disappointed in product quality. The replacement furnaces will not be a Carrier product. I would not recommend Carrier on any level.

B. Dybala

Peotone, IL

"Want to die from CO gas? Then buy Carrier"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Want to risk dying from Carbon Monoxide poisoning? If you do not, then stay away from Carrier. Our Carrier heat exchanger failed and it turns out this is a very common thing FOR CARRIER, so common that there was a class action suit that saw Carrier doubling the warranty from 20-40 years, but unfortunately NOT issuing a recall, putting Carrier customers like me in the worst possible risk: death. Murphy's Law: the KNOWN DEFECTS of our Carrier unit caused it to die during the coldest week of the year. A professional came out and informed us of the following: – The safe max level of CO is 70 PPM – The max that should ever be measured in the exhaust port is 3,000 PPM – Ours was at 11,000 PPM. If that had backed into the central ventilation unit, even our CO detector would not have gotten us or our pets out safely, as exposure to that concentration immediately causes death. The unit had to be shut down and I had to take time off from work and buy space heaters to keep the pipes and us from freezing. Our electric bill obviously skyrocketed and where the unit has been replaced with a new one, what was Carrier's response? "Yeah, and, what do you want us to do? There's no recall so we're not responsible." Wait. Carrier's known faulty equipment was subject to a class action suit' Carrier's known faulty equipment spewed out fatal amounts of carbon monoxide from which we could have died' Carrier's known faulty equipment has cost me an additional $1,000' And Carrier doesn't care about Carrier's known faulty equipment and its impact to customers? Want to risk dying from Carbon Monoxide poisoning? If you do not, then stay away from Carrier.

Brick Sturner


"59TP6 Intermittent circuit board failure"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

New and have had 3 call back to get furnace started. Appears to have a board lockup that can sometimes be reset. Trying to get installer to install new board or gas valve. Unit new in February, just getting into heating now in November. Unit less than a year old.

R. Neihardt

Portage, MI

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