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Carrier Comfort 95 Furnace Overview

As a member of Carrier’s base product line, the Comfort 95 is a single-stage gas furnace offering up to 95 percent AFUE. Units in this series operate with two heat exchangers- an aluminized steel primary and stainless steel secondary exchanger designed to increase efficiency and performance.

The Comfort 95 is promoted by the manufacturer for its quiet heating, due in part to a multi-speed PSC blower motor, sealed combustion system and an insulated cabinet. Additional features include a pilot-free hot surface ignition, fixed-speed blower motor and a fixed-speed inducer motor.

This series also can be installed with compatible electric heat pumps to be used as part of a dual-fuel system designed to automatically switch between gas and electric heating.

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Consumer Reviews of Carrier Comfort 95


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Carrier Comfort 95 Furnace Reviews

"Carrier Comfort 95 (95.5 efficient) Gas Furnace"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Installed this Carrier Comfort 95 gas furnace in October 2016 as a replacement for an old Carrier that was 23 years old (tech said the tag on the unit showed it to be 27 years old!). It heats very well, and plays well with the other Carrier components (a/c) that are a part of the system. Also had the humidifier replaced that was as old as the original furnace, with a new drip water type humidifier (Carrier Model HUMXXSFP1012). The drip water unit is much more sanitary than the original old drum style unit and maintains a much more comfortable humidity level in the house than the old drum style unit. Only other comment is that the gas jets seem a bit loud when they first ignite, but then they quiet down when the blowers come on. Not a big deal for us as our unit resides in the basement. But if it were on the first floor, that might be a consideration. But the price is very good, the unit works well and heats the home quickly, it is very efficient, and overall we are very satisfied all things considered.

Salem, VA

"95.5% Single Stage Multi-Speed 80.000"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I just purchased a new Carrier furnace. My old furnace was 75,000 BTU with a standard blower. I increase the size to a 80,000 BTU with a four-ton blower. What a difference that made I could be anymore happier, it heats the house in half the time of my old one. It’s a model number 59SC5A080.

Bedford Michigan

"Don’t buy a Carrier"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Spent $6k on a new Carrier furnace and air conditioner. It’s been a year and it still doesn’t work properly. Have had 5 service calls so far. The Carrier units have not been properly tested for defects. The products are not ready for market and the consumer is left holding the bag. Never never purchase a Carier product.

Pittsburgh, PA

Other Comfort 95 Reviews

Although the Comfort 95 is generally recommended across the web, several comments indicate that a two-stage unit is a better way for consumers in northern climates to spend their money. While contractors on forums such as or don’t have anything negative to say about the Comfort 95, many prefer a two-stage unit over the single-stage for long-term savings and increased home comfort.

However, review sites such support this series, stating the Comfort 95 is a good choice for homeowners seeking high efficiency at a low price point, adding that this system is suitable for long winters. also rates the Comfort Series highly, noting it is a good basic model. Both sites, however, mention Carrier’s warranty is not as good as its competitors’.

Carrier Comfort 95 Model Numbers

The Comfort 95 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
58HDX060-12 95 60,000
58HDX080-12* 94.4 80,000
58HDX080-12** 95 80,000
58HDX080-16 95 80,000
58HDX100-20*** 95 98,000
58HDX100-20**** 95 100,000

Comfort 95 Warranty

Carrier offers a 10-year parts and lifetime heat exchanger limited warranty to the original homeowner. Products must be registered within 90 days of installation to receive the full warranty terms. Failure to do so results in a 5-year warranty for parts and 20-year warranty for the heat exchanger.

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