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Carrier Base 80 Furnace Overview

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The Base 80 is Carrier’s entry-level, single-stage gas furnace. The series offer 80% AFUE and a compact size for easy installation. With a heating capacity of up to 154,000 BTUs per hour, the Carrier Base 80 uses a single-speed blower to distribute air evenly and with a consistent temperature.

Features in this series include a pilot-free ignition, blocked vent safeguards, and easy temperature controls. Maintenance of the Base 80 is made simpler with an electronic control board and quick access to its interior.

Furnace Filters for the Carrier Base 80

Air Flow Configuration Cabinet Width Filters
Upflow / Horizontal 14 1/2″ 1 14x25x3/4
1 16x25x3/4
Upflow / Horizontal 17 1/2″ 1 16x25x3/4
1 16x25x3/4
Upflow / Horizontal 21″ 1 16x25x3/4
1 20x25x3/4
Upflow / Horizontal 24″ 1 16x25x3/4
1 24x25x3/4

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Carrier Base 80 Furnace Reviews

"Carrier Base 80 66K BTU Review"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have several rentals in SD, and over the previous 5 years, have purchased 3 Carrier furnaces (2-Base 80’s; 1-Performance 96 w/2 stage burner and multi-speed ecm motor.) All have been superb in appearance, build quality and reliability. My 80’s are 14″ cabinets and quite attractive units. Easy to clean, work on and super-reliable. 80’s often times get a bad rap because they are less efficient that the upper-end models, but may be just the perfect choice for cramped installation quarters or southern climates. 5 years later, I’m very pleased, very happy, would buy again and also recommend to you. For those who may not be familiar with Carrier’s lineup, there are 3 tiers of heating/cooling units: Base Comfort, then up to Performance Series, then up to the Infinity. Comfort Series utilize a PSC motor and single-stage blowers/gas valves. They will be a bit noisier than the upper series, but provide a great cost/performance ratio. Consider the Comfort 95 furnace at 95.5% efficiency. All furnaces in the Performance and Infinity lines offer a ECM motor, as well as additional features such as humidity control, etc. The top of the line is the Carrier 98, which is wanted by all but affordable by few. Consider the TP6 as an economical option for it. Please note that efficiency ratings are not across the board; that’s why it will state “up to” xx% efficient. Actual rating varies by BTU, cabinet size, etc. Please delve into the product manual to find the exact rating for your specific model number. I hope this short review helps you in your search.


Other Base 80 Reviews

Many consumers commenting on the Base 80 have mention that this is a builder model furnace. On, users recommend this unit for someone looking for a furnace with very few bells or whistles. Others on the same site voice disapproval of the performance and price of the unit.

Consumers on like the compact size and warranty of the Base 80, but were concerned about the noise levels during use.

Carrier Base 80 Model Numbers

The Base 80 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
58STA045-08 80 44,000
58STA045-12 80 44,000
58STA070-08 80 66,000
58STA070-12 80 66,000
58STA070-16 80 66,000
58STA090-14 80 88,000
58STA090-16 80 88,000
58STA090-20 80 88,000
58STA110-12 80 110,000
58STA110-16 80 110,000
58STA110-22 80 110,000
58STA135-16 80 132,000
58STA135-22 80 132,000
58STA155-20 80 154,000
58STX045-08 80 44,000
58STX045-12 80 44,000
58STX070-08 80 66,000
58STX070-12 80 66,000
58STX070-16 80 66,000
58STX090-14 80 88,000
58STX090-16 80 88,000
58STX090-20 80 88,000
58STX110-12 80 110,000
58STX110-16 80 110,000
58STX110-22 80 110,000
58STX135-16 80 132,000
58STX135-22 80 132,000
58STX155-20 80 154,000

Base 80 Warranty

Carrier offers a 10-year limited parts and 20-year heat exchanger warranty on the Base 80. Homeowners must register this product within 90 days of installation or the warranty period is automatically reduced to 5 years. Extended warranties including labor may be available upon request.

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