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Carrier 58MCA Furnace Overview

The Carrier 58MCA is a residential natural gas furnace. This high-efficiency series has an AFUE efficiency rating that ranges from 91 – 92.1%. The first year that this furnace appears in our records is 2002.

Furnace Filters for the Carrier 58MCA

Air Flow ConfigurationCabinet WidthFilters
All17-1/2″1 16x25x1
(bottom air return)
All21″1 20x25x1
(bottom air return)
All24-1/2″1 24x25x1
(bottom air return)
AllAll1 16x25x1
(side air return)

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Consumer Reviews of Carrier 58MCA


  • Very Satisfied
  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied
  • #7 of 25 Carrier Furnace
  • 37.5% of customers recommended

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Carrier 58MCA Furnace Reviews

Showing 6-8 of 8 reviews

"Worst furnace ever"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

No warranty, constantly breaks down! Utter garbage! I will never buy Carrier again!

Edmonton, Alberta

"Not happy"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Our unit was put in as a new build. The unit is noisy and seems to run a lot. We got it for the efficiency and I think most of our beef is with the installation. Ours has only one pipe to the outside meaning the air intake is from the house. We also have foam insulation which means our house is pretty air tight. Today is the third service call for no heat. We do have it maintained twice a year by a licensed technician, so not from misuse. Three and a half years in service and I wish we could could just chuck it for another. We also got taken by the warranty 90 day registration crap since we weren’t even in the house by then. Seems dishonest to give double the warranty just because you told them about installing their product.

Kansas City, KS

"Noise problem is “normal”?"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have just had a furnace/ac installed – the 90% efficiency gas base furnace by Carrier. The furnace seems to work okay heating but there is a high pitched hum, like someone blowing over the top of an open Coke bottle, coming from the furnace. The install company says this is “normal.” After several hours of service calls (during which they discovered and fixed an off-center blower wheel), they are blaming my ductwork when the sound is clearly coming from the unit. If this is what Carrier considers normal, then I would not recommend this brand. I have had a high efficiency Lennox and a high efficiency American Standard installed in the past in very similar houses. These units worked fine and were quiet. Not sure if this is Carrier or the installer, but I am not pleased with the unit.

Lexington KY

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Carrier 58MCA Model Numbers

The 58MCA is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
58MCA040-08 92.1 40,000
58MCA040-08* 91 40,000
58MCA040-12 92.1 40,000
58MCA040-12* 91 40,000
58MCA060-08 92.1 60,000
58MCA060-08* 91 60,000
58MCA060-12 92.1 60,000
58MCA060-12* 91 60,000
58MCA060-16 92.1 60,000
58MCA060-16* 91 60,000
58MCA080-12 92.1 80,000
58MCA080-12* 91 80,000
58MCA080-16 92.1 80,000
58MCA080-16* 91 80,000
58MCA080-20 92.1 80,000
58MCA080-20* 91 80,000
58MCA100-16 92.1 100,000
58MCA100-16* 91 100,000
58MCA100-20 92.1 100,000
58MCA100-20* 91 100,000
58MCA120-20 92.1 120,000
58MCA120-20* 91 120,000
58MCA140-20 92.1 138,000
58MCA140-20* 91 138,000

58MCA Warranty

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