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Carrier Infinity 21 Air Conditioner Overview

The Carrier Infinity 21 is a two-stage split-system central air conditioner, which can reach efficiencies of up to 21 SEER when paired with the right air handler or furnace.

Noisy vs Quiet

The Infinity 21 can be extremely quiet, with Carrier stating in the Spring of 2014 that they produce as few as 65 decibels of sound. However, Carrier’s product data sheet from 2009 says that they generate 72 decibels, so if noise is important to you, you may want to make sure that you’re getting the latest models in the series. The Infinity 21 is part of the Carrier Infinity series.

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Carrier Infinity 21 Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Many Initial Problems"

3.0 rating

I had an Infinity System installed in 2006, but the contractor put the outside unit too close to the overhang of the house and as a result in 2009 the condenser failed. It was replaced and the unit died in 2011 but most of the problem was the fault of the installer. In 2011, I bought a new Infinity unit and it was installed on the other side of the house correctly. However, I kid you not, every two weeks the unit would spring a leak of freon. First, around the piping near the outside unit then in the main line running through the attic, then a dye test was done and found more leaks in several places. Then the 2006 coil on the inside needed replaced after only 5 years! Also, one Saturday afternoon the capacitor failed in the new unit. All of this was covered since it happened the first year but it cost the contractor many dollars. Finally they got the thing to run right and it is so cold now that I have to keep it at 78 degrees. I am in Phoenix and our summers are brutal with temperatures over 100 in July, August, and early September too. I am not too sure about the quality of Carrier as my parents years ago had a unit for decades with few problems. Not sure if I would go again with them as I heard Rheem is the better brand, but one must get the right installer from the start with any brand.

David Borsani

Phoenix, AZ.

"Infinity System Has Issues"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought the whole system back in May 2010, 96.7% efficient gas furnace and 21 seer air conditioner. Furnace has been fixed 3 times, gone out at least once in winter at 7 degrees outside. Had to wait a week for new control board to be warranty by Carrier, then they charged me $500 in labor to install it. Other 2 times it was bad pressure switches which they charged me $300 for a minimum service call. Then this year A/C went out in May and was charged $800, to charge system was 7 pounds low on refrigerant plus 3 hours to leak test system. Now in July is out again and the compressor sounds like it has marbles in it. Carrier techs say it's junk and they will cover the $3,000 condenser under warranty, but I have to pay $1,500 for a day in labor to change it out. I paid 17,000 to have this "high-end" system put in and they said I would never have a problem for 20 years. Wow they were wrong, that's my fault for believing a salesman anyway. I guess I am stuck with it now because I financed the whole system and have 5 more years to pay on it. Never buy a Carrier anything, ever.

John landry

wakefield ,ma

"Love my Carrier Infinity AC"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My contractor installed 2 new Carrier Infinity ac and heat systems in my home approximately 3 years ago. I have never had a single issues with them and I leave in the Houston area. We use or ac's virtually year round so they work very hard. I really like the infinity thermostat. It operates to control humidity and the temperature. The only complaint is from my wife because she complains that it is sometimes too cold! That is a problem that I personally love! By the way our contractor told us that most complaints about trouble with a ac system is due to poor installation. I can definitely highly recommend Carrier and we loved our contractor, Mabry's Air Conditioning.


Friendswood, TX

Carrier Infinity 21 Model Numbers

The Infinity 21 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
24ANA124 21 24,000
24ANA136 21 36,000
24ANA148 21 48,000
24ANA160 21 60,000

Infinity 21 Warranty

Carrier provides a limited 10-year warranty on the compressor and other parts to the original owner of the air conditioner. The owner must register within 90 days of installation, otherwise the warranty defaults to 5 years.

Optional labor warranties are also available.

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