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"Working great for the last 20 years"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Bought the house in 2001, furnace installed by the previous owner in 1994. Since 2001 I have done one service and not having any issues. I going to have the second one this year. Hopefully, it won't have any issues, maybe the older models are better built than newer ones

Hartman Wagner

"8 years, 8 expensive repairs"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Our previous furnace lasted from 1991 (after Hurricane Bob) until 2012 (Hurricane Sandy) with no problems. We had this Burnham professionally installed in 2012, and have not yet had a year go by without expensive repairs. The troubleshooting lights, according to the Burnham help desk, blink out nonsense that is unrelated to the actual troubleshooting codes that come with the machine. This is one of the worst products of any kind that we have ever had to deal with. We cannot depend on heat in the winter, since this Burnham garbage has given us eight years of grief and repair bills, and has yet to make it through a season without an expensive component failure.
When we need to replace this overpriced paperweight, you couldn't pay us to install a Burnham product of any kind in our home. When we have to replace this furnace, it will be anything but Burnham.

John Brennan

"Terrible Burnham Alpine ALP 150B"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Boiler works great, until the high limit temp switch fails, which happens twice a heating season (always on Saturday night/Sunday Morning) and we get to experience a colonial style Massachusetts winter with no heat and no hot water for a few days. Unit is under three years old and no one will claim responsibility. Burnham says they can't talk to consumers because it's a liability issue and tell you to call your local distributor. The local distributor (rightly) tells you they just sell them, they don't make them. I would avoid this brand at all costs, as there is no backup except your HVAC/Plumber person when it fails.

Mark Petree


"Alpine Burnham works great – Pick a good installer"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had an Alpine Burnham gas furnace installed during the summer of 2015. The furnace worked great during the winter of 15/16 and has been working great ever since, providing consistent hot water via an indirect hot water tank. It is a very quiet furnace. The only way I know its running (besides looking at it), is that the house is warm when it is cold out. You don't even know it is running. I have had no service problems in the 14 months that I have owned it. Just hire a competent installer. It appears that with these newer gas furnaces, the installation makes all the difference in the world regarding whether you have a lot of service problems or not. These are sensitive machines that need to be installed correctly. We had the groaning / fog horn issue not long after installation that some have mentioned regarding the Alpine furnace. All it took was a quick adjustment to settings by the installer and the noises went away. It really is a very quiet furnace and will work well, if installed correctly (no cutting corners). We have been saving nicely over our previous oil boiler as well. I would definitely recommend the Alpine Burnham gas furnace.

J. Coviello

Rockaway, NJ

"What a joke"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I replaced our 20 year old McLean at the oil company's suggestion with a US Boiler. It lasted about 6-7 years. At some cost to myself I replaced the heat exchanger with another US Boiler. It gave out in less than 40 months (for a total life of the two of under ten years). I twice gave US Boiler a chance to make good on its warranty and it refused. I am preparing a suit for small claims court. This is outrageous. I also note that the people who have owned theirs for a year or two are all very satisfied. The ratings should be weighted for length of time with the product.

Rudolph Houck

Mount Kisco, NY

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