Burnham V7 Boiler Overview

The Burnham V7 is a discontinued oil-fired boiler with an AFUE of up to 86.2%. The V7 was configured for steam or hot water heating and was available as a fully-packaged or a knockdown unit. The cast iron sections and vertical flue were designed to extract the maximum amount of heat and maintain low draft losses. A lift-off side panel and burner swing door allowed for fast and easy serviceability. The V7 was available with an optional tankless heater.

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Burnham V7 Boiler Reviews

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"The american way of life"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have 1998 Burnham v-75 replaced burner 2 seasons ago, rebuilt fire box 3 years ago- today heat exchanger is leaking (steam system) Furnace man says its time to replace the furnace $5,500-7000 installed. He says that Burnham uses imported assemblies in their furnaces from China and India to save $$$ and make $$$. With the $$$$$ they are making they can afford the occasional law suit. Unfortunately many other manufacturers are following the same path. Big business (US economy) can not survive producing a product that last 30 years — failures are designed into the products to keep people employed — That's the way it is and it's only going get worse, everything the american consumer needs and DEMANDS will only be available as long as we agree to pay up. Remember when TV was free? change the technology, convince the public it's great and everyone will eventually forget what they had and lost. It's called "free enterprise". Never have so many been controlled by so few.

Hidden agendas


"No problems"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had a new Burnham v-7 installed in 1994. I'm happy to report that I've had absolutely no problems with it.

Fred Brown


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have just had Petro in regarding a leak coming from Boiler. We bought the heating system through them and had them maintain the system all along. After three service calls, they finally removed the side panel and discovered the leak's coming through the cast iron block and say they have never seen that before. Wow! The reviews I am reading about the Burnham v7 and Petro are unbelievable. I am through with Petro and would be happy to join a class action suit against both Burnham and Petro.

Bob & Joanne

"Another Not-So-Happy Burnham Customer"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

9 Years old and water leaking out of it. I'm told that it is common for Burnham v7 Series furnaces. So, do I repair it? My oil burner guys tell me to get as far away from Burnham as possible. I'll be ~$5000 in the hole, minus the $1500 it would have cost me to repair the other one. So, the additional $3500 may be worth it as long as no one ever uses the name Burnham in my house again. I assume the wonderful line of furnaces should put them out of business so anyway.

Kevin Strum

"Very unsettling"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Too be honest I'm more worried about the units I put in friends' houses. When I built my house as a side job to finish my house I put several Burnham units in. Mine went as well as my cousins (just replaced two weeks ago) and one of the ones I put in went.They were 1996 V-7's and as with all of the ones I've seen they crack by the water coil and the lifting "ears". I can tell you the replacement units are noticeably heavier. I was told years back (when I did mine) that the castings were too thin so different expansion rates just fatigued the castings and they would crack. Sad really. You have some here trying to talk up Burnham while the most of us have been down the long expensive road. I think Weil Mcclain and Peerless are going to be my installs for now on.Sad I had a reverence for Burnham for so many years it really bothers me how they have fallen. I am insulted that another post talks of the "Made in USA" label….who cares? Garbage is garbage! When I was a kid we laughed at "Made in Japan"! Nobody's laughing today! We have to make with pride but also design like the engineers of old!!! (Note 6 years posted here was years of service first unit lasted: replacement in service since 2002 from removal of defective unit originally installed in 1996.


Other V7 Reviews

There are several posts on doityourself.com concerning leaks due to cracks in the cast iron boiler. This problem is also mentioned several times on hvac.talk.com and heatinghelp.com. The cause, according to some professionals replying on the posts, is usually a fluctuation in water temperature.

V7 Warranty

The warranty for the Burnham V7 boiler was comprised of the following:

  • Lifetime True-Blue limited warranty on water boilers and 10 years on the steam heat exchanger

A 5- or 10-year warranty on parts and labor was available when purchased through a member of America’s Home Heating Team.

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