Burnham V7 Boiler Overview

The Burnham V7 is a discontinued oil-fired boiler with an AFUE of up to 86.2%. The V7 was configured for steam or hot water heating and was available as a fully-packaged or a knockdown unit. The cast iron sections and vertical flue were designed to extract the maximum amount of heat and maintain low draft losses. A lift-off side panel and burner swing door allowed for fast and easy serviceability. The V7 was available with an optional tankless heater.

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Burnham V7 Boiler Reviews

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"Faulty boilers"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We built our house in 1991 and we now have to install our 3rd boiler!Our first boiler cracked in 2001 They gave us a credit of $800.00 My husband and father, who is a union pipefitter, installed the furnace. Now the second boiler is leaking, and we will have to replace this one. The most shameful part of this is that Burnham is still selling these boilers without redesigning them to remedy the problem! After reading the other reviews it seems to be the same issue, why can`t they figure this out? It seems they just don`t care.

Leanne Cashman

Enola PA

"V7 Casting defect"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The company that serviced my unit was aware of this defect since 2004 and continued to service my unit until this year and then said there was a defect and wanted $7500 to replace the Burnhan with another unit, because they said Burnham would not reimburse them for the products. I searched for someone who could replace my Furnace that would not require all plumbing changes and they ended up putting in another Burnham. I had to pay for the Burnham, and the installation and cannot get anyone at Burnham to return my calls or emails. If anyone knows who to contact for this I would appreciate it. I have all my original documents on the Burnham that was put in my house in 2002.

Annie K Hughes

Hampstead, NH

"Leaks and Burnham won't help"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had a Burnham put in 12 yrs ago and noticed a bit of rust around the side panel starting a few years back. Blamed it on poor paint job. Two months ago began w/ small leak which is now pretty bad. Called Burnham and they won't help. Did a little research and this is a well documented problem.

Daryl Rockwell

Colchester, CT

"Job Security"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

As a service tech in the Hartford,CT area with 30 years experience, I can give you my opinion of cast iron burnham boilers. The problem with leaking sections is mostly with the v7 series and some with the v8 series. If you have an older burnham v1 series (1980's) it will probably last forever as this was before the problem with bad castings (early 1990's to present). It is unfortunate that some homeowners have had to replace the boiler block one, two and yes, three times. If you have a leaking burnham v7 or v8 boiler, I would not bother to try to deal with Burnham, I would install either a Peerless or Buderus cast iron boiler. The probability of either of these boilers leaking is next to zero, and if there were an issue the manufacturer would stand behind the product. When Burnham bought American Standard many years ago, their product was much more durable than what they put out in the early nineties. It is unfortunate for Burham and even more so for the unlucky consumers stuck with an inferior product with a warranty that's useless and unfair. I would like to see what comes of Burnham's newest line such as the mpo in ten years or so, hopefully not a repetition of the v7 or V8's casting problems.


Hartford, CT

"V-7 series"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

They suck, they leak and they won't honor their warranty. Just got a Weil McLean going in tomorrow.

Tom B

Uxbridge, MA

Other V7 Reviews

There are several posts on doityourself.com concerning leaks due to cracks in the cast iron boiler. This problem is also mentioned several times on hvac.talk.com and heatinghelp.com. The cause, according to some professionals replying on the posts, is usually a fluctuation in water temperature.

V7 Warranty

The warranty for the Burnham V7 boiler was comprised of the following:

  • Lifetime True-Blue limited warranty on water boilers and 10 years on the steam heat exchanger

A 5- or 10-year warranty on parts and labor was available when purchased through a member of America’s Home Heating Team.

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