Burnham Series 2 Boilers

Burnham Series 2 Boiler Overview

The Burnham Series 2 is a currently manufactured boiler produced by the US Boiler company. This model carries an 80-84 % AFUE rating, and has been in production for a number of years. The Series 2 is a gas-fired boiler with a cast iron heat exchanger. The boiler can be installed to use either natural or propane gas. The base of the boiler is steel, for durability and reliability, and can be configured for many different installation scenarios.

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  • #2 of 13 Burnham Boiler
  • 52.63% of customers recommended

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Burnham Series 2 Boiler Reviews

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"Very efficent furnace love it."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We have owned the furnace for about 6 years. I like that it is efficient and hadnt given me any problems at all. I never had a need for anyone to come and work on it because it works wonderfully. I dislike how big it is, it takes up a lot of space. I never had to have it repaired or replaced it really is a good furnace. It has been a fantastic furnace and I would buy it again if i had to have another furncae however I would also like to find something that doesnt take up so much room. It is a reliable furnace and I would reccomend it to a friend. I am interested in looking at electric base heaters in the future. Gas is so expensive and I would like to go all electric someday. I also worry about my furnace catching things I have around it on fire, but other than that it really is a great furnace.

Johnstown, PA

"I completely love my Burnham Efficient and Economical Gas-Fired Hot Water Home Heating System"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I completely love my gas boiler. It is maintenance free. I had it install 17 years ago. I like that I have never had to have it serviced. At this time there is nothing I dislike about it. This unit replaced an very old oil heating system that was not working. I would definitely buy this system again and again and would also refer this unit to a friend. This was one investment as a homeowner that was really important and that I have really appreciated over the years. I also had a hot water heater installed with this unit and they have both worked without any break downs. I was a new homeowner at the time this boiler was purchased and the qualified heating contractor I hired customized this heating system to my needs. This boiler has been reliable for heating my home over the years and I'm very grateful. I've never had to call a service technician to have it repaired or had any problems with this unit.

Baltimore, MD

"Series 2 Model 204NCL runs great! Make sure it is installed correctly."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My Burnham Series 2 Model #204NCL-TEI22 (Nov 2010, standing-pilot) is running great. I couldn't be happier. Reading the reviews here, it is obvious that many units were not installed correctly. The installer must set up a pipe with a valve leading directly from the hot-water outlet pipe right back into the cold-water inlet pipe (the DIY-er might never think of this, or think it odd.) The valve should be set partway open in order to feed hot water back into the boiler (mixed with the incoming cool water) in order to keep the water in the boiler above 130 F. Otherwise, if cold water (from the floor pipes before they warm up) enters the boiler it causes condensation, which causes rust, which causes leaks and metal or electrical failures. Also, for radiant-floor (hydronic) systems, the boiler's internal thermostat should be set as low as possible; the lowest on mine is 140 F, so it's set there. The ventilation system fit right into that of the old boiler that it replaced — a 5" single-wall aluminum vent. So no new holes were required in the roof or wall, no new chimney lining was needed, etc. Just hooked up the vent pipe and it was good to go. My Burnham Series 2 is quiet, reliable, quickly heats water, no problems, all good so far! 🙂 I'd definitely recommend and buy a Burnham Series 2 again. It's not quite as efficient as some of the newer model condensing units, but so much simpler!


Bellingham, WA

"LEAKS and More Leaks"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This boiler was recommended but has turned out to be terrible. The boiler was about 7 years old when it developed a leak. When a plumber took the side of the furnace off, all the connections in between the chambers where completely rusted (this was in November). We had been planning on converting to gas in the spring so we hoped it would make it through the winter. On New Years Eve, the furnace's other side started leaking. When the panels were removed, the chambers had large cracks in them and every time the furnace would cycle, pints of water would come out. We had to buy a used furnace to make it through the winter until we could convert to gas. We called Burnham and asked how a furnace that was less than 10 years old and had never gotten wet (a dry basement) could rust out so badly. They didn't care. Eventually they offered a $1000 toward the purchase of a new Burnham Oil Furnace. Obviously we didn't take that. No way this furnace should have failed. My further research should that this has been an on going problem with this series and if it lasted 10 years, you were lucky. Extremely poor design and subpar materials. Stay away from Brunham furnaces.

C. Lewis

North Kingstown, RI


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Boiler must have leaked from the block for years. Finally rotted through the threaded rod that held block sections together leaked every where. Burnham will not even stand behind a portion of their warranty which is supposed to be 25 years. Bad company bad product.

T. Ryan

Cape Cod

Other Series 2 Reviews

A homeowner writes in to diychatroom.com to ask about two different models of Burnham gas boilers. The Series 2 boiler is the simpler design of the two being compared; the other model has a slightly higher efficiency rating. The experts are divided on which one is better, but all seem to agree on the reliability of Burnham boilers.

A Minneapolis resident asks for boiler brand recommendations on doityourself.com. The resident mentions Burnham and the Series 2, which receive praise from the contractors on the forum. The experts do mention that Burnham offers some more efficient models, but the Series 2 is considered very reliable, and does not often need repairs.

The forum heatinghelp.com contains posts offering both positive and negative reviews for Burnham boilers. Several contractors mention that Burnham has more efficient models than the Series 2, but a trustworthy technician can help you decide which model is the best for your application.

Burnham Series 2 Model Numbers

The Series 2 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
202* 82.3 37500
204* 82.3 96000
205* 82 130000
206* 81.7 164000

Series 2 Warranty

U. S. Boiler offers a one-year limited warranty on their gas boilers, including parts and accessories. The heat exchanger is covered based on a sliding scale of how many years it has been in service. The company encourages owners to register their new boilers, but it is not necessary for the warranty to be in effect.

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