Burnham Series 2 Boilers

Burnham Series 2 Boiler Overview

The Burnham Series 2 is a currently manufactured boiler produced by the US Boiler company. This model carries an 80-84 % AFUE rating, and has been in production for a number of years. The Series 2 is a gas-fired boiler with a cast iron heat exchanger. The boiler can be installed to use either natural or propane gas. The base of the boiler is steel, for durability and reliability, and can be configured for many different installation scenarios.

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  • #2 of 13 Burnham Boiler
  • 52.63% of customers recommended

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Burnham Series 2 Boiler Reviews

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"Save your money"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Can you imagine having a boiler that is only 16 months old and breaks down and you had to pay $600.00 for the repair? You call up customer service and they all but tell you to drop dead because your warranty is up. Do yourself a big favor and do a better job of researching before you get a Burnham. As a matter of fact buy any other brand and you will be better off. What a giant disappointment. Live and learn. Learn from my stupidity.

John Catalfomo

Merrick, NY

"BURNHAM Series 2 Boiler Review"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I purchased my Burnham Series 2 boiler in October of 2013. After over two years with it, I haven't experienced a single problem. The best thing about this boiler is how dead-quiet it has been when compared with my last boiler. When it comes down to it, all we're really concerned with in a boiler is that it does its job effectively and doesn't break down, and the Series 2 is a five-star boiler in that regard. I really can't offer a negative thing to say about this boiler. I would certainly buy again and be willing to recommend this boiler to a friend — it does its job well and I have not had to spend a dime on repairs in the life of this boiler. The peace of mind I have knowing it is consistent in its performance is well worth the cost many times over. I definitely recommend this boiler if you are looking for a silent workhorse.

Albuquerque, NM

"My review on my boiler"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I've owned my boiler for about 2 years now and I haven't had a single problem with it. One of the main reasons I like it is because it's pretty quiet compared to my last one. The reason I didn't give it "Very Satisfied" is because it is a power hog. And yes I would recommend this boiler to a family or friend, mainly because I haven't had to replace or repair any parts in this boiler. It seems like it will last forever. I'm so pleased with the "old school" type of boiler. It is worth every cent I saved. In my area the newer technology would not pay for itself. This one will (many times over) if it lasts the 30 years that the one I replaced did. In the end, well worth the money.

Philly pa

"Burnham Boiler Review"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned my Burnham cast iron boiler for four years. I love that it heats my house quickly. The price was also a plus. We also noticed that our utility bill decreased while using this boiler. My husband had his plumber friend install the boiler and he said it was very easy to install. We have never had any issues with our boiler. We have recommended this boiler to a few neighbors and will continue to recommend this boiler in the future. Great product!

Flagstaff, AZ

"Gets the job done"

3.0 rating

Not a bad boiler for the price. I personally think boilers in general are too expensive – I paid 2500 bucks for my Burnham P204 a few weeks ago. Bought it online since Home Depot and Lowe's had ridiculous prices. Installation was a bit of a pain, it took my guys a few days. I was replacing an old Burnham that had a few decades under its belt, and saw pretty good reviews for this one. The only place it was lacking was longevity, but I had two Burnhams before this, and they lasted about as long as they should have and their performance stayed relatively consistent. Even though it's a newer model, it still has that "old school" reliability and toughness, something that the newer type of technology will not get for you. If this thing can last as long and do as well as my old one, I'll be satisfied. Good overall.

Danbury, CT

Other Series 2 Reviews

A homeowner writes in to diychatroom.com to ask about two different models of Burnham gas boilers. The Series 2 boiler is the simpler design of the two being compared; the other model has a slightly higher efficiency rating. The experts are divided on which one is better, but all seem to agree on the reliability of Burnham boilers.

A Minneapolis resident asks for boiler brand recommendations on doityourself.com. The resident mentions Burnham and the Series 2, which receive praise from the contractors on the forum. The experts do mention that Burnham offers some more efficient models, but the Series 2 is considered very reliable, and does not often need repairs.

The forum heatinghelp.com contains posts offering both positive and negative reviews for Burnham boilers. Several contractors mention that Burnham has more efficient models than the Series 2, but a trustworthy technician can help you decide which model is the best for your application.

Burnham Series 2 Model Numbers

The Series 2 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
202* 82.3 37500
204* 82.3 96000
205* 82 130000
206* 81.7 164000

Series 2 Warranty

U. S. Boiler offers a one-year limited warranty on their gas boilers, including parts and accessories. The heat exchanger is covered based on a sliding scale of how many years it has been in service. The company encourages owners to register their new boilers, but it is not necessary for the warranty to be in effect.

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