Burnham Series 2 Boilers

Burnham Series 2 Boiler Overview

The Burnham Series 2 is a currently manufactured boiler produced by the US Boiler company. This model carries an 80-84 % AFUE rating, and has been in production for a number of years. The Series 2 is a gas-fired boiler with a cast iron heat exchanger. The boiler can be installed to use either natural or propane gas. The base of the boiler is steel, for durability and reliability, and can be configured for many different installation scenarios.

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  • #2 of 13 Burnham Boiler
  • 52.63% of customers recommended

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Burnham Series 2 Boiler Reviews

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"I am happy with it!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I had my current boiler installed in 2009. The only issue I ever had with it was a circulating pump needed to be replaced in 2018. I get my unit serviced annually. It looks and works like it is brand new. My boiler always heats my house efficiently during some brutal Wisconsin winters. I think a lot of problems people have with any HVAC equipment is improper installation. It does not matter how good the equipment is. It will have problems if the install is substandard. My HVAC guy does a good job with that stuff. Anyway, I see an equal a fairly equal number of people who like this product as compared to the number who hate it. Maybe, I got lucky and got a good unit. Maybe, people complaining had bad installs or got defective units. Who knows? There are so many variables.

Keith F

La Crosse, WI

"Still going…"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

We bought a 1925 craftsman home 11 years ago. It has a Burnham 204 Series 2 boiler, which was installed in 1987. The only problem we have encountered is just this week, it seems our igniter has gone out. Of course all our contractors are busy, but one will be coming on Sunday – we have been blessed with warm weather this fall in North Idaho, so the temps haven't gone below freezing much yet and have actually been able to keep our house warm with radiant oil heaters until then. We have been contemplating installing an electric boiler and revamping the plumbing to our radiators. Our electricity is much cheaper than natural gas. I am happy to see the satisfied customers commenting about the longevity of these boilers and weighing the difference between the more efficient simple ones, compared to the newer, complicated ones. When we do replace our 96,000 btu boiler, we will probably go larger because this old house had a substantial addition in 2000, but Burnham will be top of the list!

Tim West

North Idaho

"Horrible product, worse customer service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Two burnham boilers in the span of 12 year's-total crap product. Contacted us boilers-Richard householder- to discuss warranty. We sent him clear pictures of the block which is leaking and rusted. He refused to honor the warranty and basically told us that we would have to ship the block to their warehouse so that they could view it and determine if it was a faulty boiler!! He also said it would most likely not be covered under warranty. December in Massachusetts without a boiler- really???? Terrible customer service, lack of follow up and poor attitude were evident in the two conversations I had with this man- useless. Steer clear of any Burnham product unless you like to throw your money out the window!



"Installed in 1995, Still Works Perfectly"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I installed a Burnham Series 2 Model 204 in 1995 for my gas hot water heating system. It has never had a single issue in 23 years. It's not the most efficient design, at about 82% efficiency, but high efficiency (condensing) boilers cost twice as much. I spend about $1000 a year to heat my home, I'll gladly give up about $100 in annual savings versus a condensing model for a bullet proof cast iron boiler that lasts 20+ years, and it would take about that long to justify the additional cost of a high efficiency condensing boiler. If you're considering a new gas boiler, calculate the actual cost of getting that last 10% efficiency, it may take years and years to make back your investment in heating cost savings, and condensing boilers have a much more complicated design. I've found my simple old-school Burnham cast iron boiler to be very vert reliable. If and when it finally fails I won't hesitate to replace it with the exact same design.


Long Island, NY

"Burnham P204–Natural gas"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned my boiler for 1 year and have had no problems with the unit although when it was installed the directions were quite vague and my wife and I took about 4 hours to install the unit. Nothing so far has needed a repair and the unit to this day looks brand new. It seems to be a very well put together unit and even our friend who is a house inspector is looking into getting one. My wife owns a store also and we are looking in to replacing her boiler with this one because of the cost and ease of use. Also, there was a 1 year warranty that came with the boiler so it gave us some reliance that if something did happen to go wrong the company would easily send us parts to fix it or send us a new unit. We bought this unit because it had high reviews online and they were correct! This boiler was definitely worth the money and we would buy it again if we needed another boiler in our store or elsewhere.

Dryden, NY

Other Series 2 Reviews

A homeowner writes in to diychatroom.com to ask about two different models of Burnham gas boilers. The Series 2 boiler is the simpler design of the two being compared; the other model has a slightly higher efficiency rating. The experts are divided on which one is better, but all seem to agree on the reliability of Burnham boilers.

A Minneapolis resident asks for boiler brand recommendations on doityourself.com. The resident mentions Burnham and the Series 2, which receive praise from the contractors on the forum. The experts do mention that Burnham offers some more efficient models, but the Series 2 is considered very reliable, and does not often need repairs.

The forum heatinghelp.com contains posts offering both positive and negative reviews for Burnham boilers. Several contractors mention that Burnham has more efficient models than the Series 2, but a trustworthy technician can help you decide which model is the best for your application.

Burnham Series 2 Model Numbers

The Series 2 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
202* 82.3 37500
204* 82.3 96000
205* 82 130000
206* 81.7 164000

Series 2 Warranty

U. S. Boiler offers a one-year limited warranty on their gas boilers, including parts and accessories. The heat exchanger is covered based on a sliding scale of how many years it has been in service. The company encourages owners to register their new boilers, but it is not necessary for the warranty to be in effect.

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