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Burnham Revolution Boiler Overview

The Burnham Revolution from U.S. Boiler Co. is a discontinued high-efficiency gas-fired water boiler with an AFUE of 88 percent. Six sizes are available ranging from 62 to 190 MBH.

The Revolution boiler operates on either natural or LP gas and can be configured for horizontal or vertical venting. The combustion process gives homeowners the option of using a direct vent for outdoor air or an induced draft for indoor air.

According to manufacturer’s information dating to 2010, the cast iron sectional design of the Revolution, coupled with the secondary heating surface’s diamond pin heat transfer system unique to Burnham’ Revolution boilers, allows the boiler to extract as much heat as possible. The system also employs an electric ignition and a step opening gas valve to ensure a smooth and quiet start-up. The burners are stainless steel and all piping and venting connections are found at the top of the unit for easy installation and maintenance.

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Burnham Revolution Boiler Reviews

"Draft fan whine"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

The draft fan tip speed creates a whine not too unlike that of a spinning top. Noticeable, especially at night, the sound is annoying, and can disrupt sleep. I have tried many ways to stop or truncate the noise to no avail. Even contacted the Burnham CEO for help. Nothing has worked. Has a solution to this problem been found?


Reading, PA

Other Revolution Reviews

Complaints on the HVAC discussion board heatinghelp.com revolve primarily around the Burnham’s poor customer service. Many homeowners reporting on threads here find the product to be durable and effective, but find they have little help when a problem does arise.

Among other issues posted on this forum, one homeowner shares that a common installation error is that the circulators are attached to the return side, not the supply main as they should be. According to this reviewer, company representatives say this is important no matter your amount of gas usage because it could lead to problems with the unit’s variable speed function.

Burnham Revolution Model Numbers

The Revolution is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
RV3 88 62000
RV4 87.6 96000
RV5 87.4 130000
RV6 87.2 164000
RV7 87 190000

Revolution Warranty

The Burnham Revolution Boiler comes with a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger. A U.S. Boiler extended warranty is available for purchase through the dealer. From the date of installation, this additional coverage provides 5 to 10 years of protection on parts and labor.

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