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Burnham Independence Boiler Overview

The Burnham Independence is a high-efficiency, cast iron, gas-fired steam boiler with an efficiency of up to 84% AFUE. Models of the Independence range from 62 to 382 MBH and are designed for use with either natural or LP gas. The Independence features a cast iron heat exchanger and stainless steel burners. An insulated, powder-coated steel jacket protects gas valves and burners and provides increased efficiency and sound reduction. The Independence PV models are designed to operate as direct vented products and can be installed in homes without a chimney.

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Burnham Independence Boiler Reviews

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"Purchase a steam IN5 Burnham boiler"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchase a steam in5 Burnham boiler in October 2009 lasted only 9-years. My old Weil-McLain steam boiler lasted 32 years. I called U.S. boiler company gave them the model number and inform them that the block was leaking water due to corrosion causing the automatic water feeder to go on constantly. Was informed that I could buy a new block for $700 which will cost me $4800.00 to install or receive a $500 rebate towards a new one. I inform them that I have a warranty for ten years on the unit but was told that corrosion does not cover even though I had it serviced every year. "Warning" stay away from Burnham boilers. I'm buying a new Weil-McLain boiler. Again stay away from Burnham "garbage". I have read that there are many issues with that brand. Highly not recommended. "Stay away"


Floral Park, NY

"Horrible Boiler/Horrible Customer Service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We paid 8,000 to have a Gas Fired Independence Steam Boiler installed in our home. Six years later it has failed. Three holes in the cast iron block which is sending steam up the chimney. Burnham refuses to honor the 10-year parts warranty. They will, however, give me $500 off a new system: lol. To install another new one will cost another 8k. They claim it is "corrosion" caused by mineralized water in my area or due to the fact that I keep putting fresh water into the system (I have to b/c it shuts down b/c it has steamed away due to the boilers holes!). Fail. Fail. Fail. I am told by the customer service people that Burnhams products aren't as good as they used to be b/c of government regulations. They can't make 'em as strong. I am also told that replacing steam boilers every 7-10 years is completely normal. Hogwash. A

A. Whilton

Cohasset, MA

"Garbage boiler/Garbage Company"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Six years after my boiler was installed we discovered 3 cracks and it has to manually be filled with water 3 times per day during winter months to ensure the heat stays on. After contacting the company we spoke with rude/condescending reps who were of no help. We were told we could pay $700 for new blocks but they'd only have a 1 year warranty. We'll be replacing it soon (another $10k to shell out) and each plumber we've spoken to has said the same thing: 'Burnham boilers are garbage' This was my first boiler purchase/installation. I now know better for the future.


Cambridge, MA

"Burnham is dead to me"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The Burnham boiler was only 7 years old but the heat exchanger started leaking at the nipple connecting the top sections. I read the warranty and its very clearly covered for life. I call Burnham customer service and they tell me that the boiler warranty does not cover corrosion like they have some kind of special powers that allow them to know what the inside of my heat exchanger looks like. They tell me if I want to "pursue this" they can send their rep out to formally tell me that the heat exchanger failed due to corrosion. I called my plumber and he says he's seen this a hundred times with Burnham over the past several years. I replaced with a Weil McLain per plumber's advice.


Boston, MA

"Our 2nd Burnham Boiler in 2 years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am the priest at a small poor church. We have just replaced the 2nd of the church's Burnham boilers in 2 years. Last year's replacement was 8 years old and this years is 9 years old. They will not stand behind these boilers at all. Stay away Fr. Tim Carr

Fr. Tim Carr

Boonton, NJ

Other Independence Reviews

The Independence is called a very dependable boiler by writers on hvac-talk.com and heatinghelp.com. There are a few threads regarding questions about how often water needs to be added, and a couple of problems with different units not running correctly are most likely due to installer error, according to professionals on both sites. A problem with a noisy exhaust on a power vent unit was also due to installer error, according to the consumer.

Burnham Independence Model Numbers

The Independence is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
IN5* 82 140000

Independence Warranty

The Burnham Independence boiler is covered by a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty and a 1-year parts warranty. The warranty only applies to the original owner at the original place of installation. Labor costs are not included in the warranty. An additional 5- or 10-year parts and labor warranty is available.

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