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"Service and Reliability"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Boiler is 5 years old and had service problems. That is expected but the Customer Service and technical Support is terrible. Buderus and its parent company Bosch should be ashamed of their lack of support to their customer base. For me and my family, we will never buy Lagano/Buderus, or Bosch as the products are reliable and their support stinks!

Doesn't Matter

Morris County, NJ

"Not a very happy Christmas 2016"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had my new buderus boiler installed on January 12th 2015, after years of problems with my old burham boiler I decided to have a new one installed. I'm an senior citizen living on little. I thought all my problems had been solved(my installer had told me this new one would last me for 25 years) but that was not the case.on Christmas eve day morning 2016 I woke up with no heat, I called my company that installed it and they came out, was not able to fix it. So for four days I had no heat, on December 27th they came back and called your tech people and said it was the sensor, they put in the new sensor on the December 30th, the boiler worked until January 2017 no heat again, this time I had no heat for 5 days, they were told it was the aquasmart sensor. It was installed and then we had to wait for a different sensor so since Christmas to the 24th of January 2017 I had no heat for a total of 8 days. I had to pay out of pocket a total of $423.59 for a brand new boiler (money I could not afford) plus I feel that this should be something that buderus should take care of not me!! For me I now can not trust this new boiler, I'm very upset over this. I feel I should have this piece of junk replaced and a refund of my money I had to spend on getting new parts that should never have happened with this new boiler……I..can't trust it, I should not have to be convinced like this.


"I outsmarted myself"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

10 years ago, after due research into high efficiency boilers, I chose the 215be series of Buderus boilers; added bonus is that they are imported into us from Litchfield, New Hampshire which isn't far. I will cut the story short: This boiler is made for direct venting – don't go up a chimney. the stack temps are way too low and will cause corrosive condensation causing you to replace your new stainless steel liner (happened within 2 years). The efficiency ratings they give is for direct venting. After about 8 years, the burner wouldn't stay calibrated causing bad smells and improper oil burning. We just junked the entire thing for scrap metal as 215BE has an integrated burner (you can't replace with aftermarket unit like a Riello) you can't replace. Additionally, as it turns out, service on this unit is very poor due to under-trained techs (Buderus refused to give names of competent service folks in my area) Final analysis: Was efficient, today's burners are better, get something that everyone carries parts for and servicemen are trained on…..that way outweighs the slight advantage in efficiency.

r. beltz

Greenfield, NH

"A total piece of junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This burner is 8 years old and in the past 2 weeks, every part on it has burned out. Today, the repairman came to replace the started and noticed water leaking inside. The piece of crap has a crack and is leaking water and the goddamned warranty is useless. Buderus is crap.

D Lindsay

Auburn, NY

"Homeowners are stupid"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

All of you homeonwers leaving bad reviews are stupid. Your boilers are either installed wrong or were improperly serviced. Educate yourself before leaving a self-pitying review. It's okay that you overlooked these problems when you bought your house, it's okay that you went with the cheapest price, but don't place the blame where it doesn't belong. So yeah…

Homeowners are stupid

Hartford, CT

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