Buderus Logamax Plus GB142 Boiler Overview

The Buderus Logamax Plus GB142 is an efficient wall-mounted gas condensing boiler. Capable of horizontal and vertical venting, with or without a chimney, it is produced in four models with inputs ranging from 84,000 to 214,800 BTU/H and outputs of 22,700 to 196,600 BTU/H. The modulating boiler carries a rating of 90 percent AFUE.

The manufacturer says that the GB142 is unique due to its pre-fabricated, low-loss manifold. The design is intended to achieve improved efficiency and enable the boiler to be installed in a variety of convenient places. The manifold ensures a correct flow rate, and its simple piping helps with quick installation. The boiler can be customized for various flue systems, and add-ons, such as a high-efficiency hot water heater, can be easily installed. With an aluminum heat exchanger, the Buderus GB142 is equipped with advanced technologies and sensors for troubleshooting and integration of add-ons.

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Consumer Reviews of Buderus Logamax Plus GB142


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  • #6 of 9 Buderus Boiler
  • 25% of customers recommended

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Buderus Logamax Plus GB142 Boiler Reviews

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"Logamax Plus GB142"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

These boilers are sold in many parts of the world. A well engineered product. I installed the two running in my home for 10 years, zero issues and zero maintenance. They also heat domestic hot water. Now that's reliability. If you want to have this boiler installed you need to do your homework for who knows how to engineer a hot water system or convert an old system to this type of boiler. The product is amazing. The installation and service resources can be the biggest source of an unreliable boiler, not only Buderus but many other brands with poor ratings.


Northbrook, IL

"Worst water heating system ever"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

It seems to me the only people writing positive reviews are the installers. This is the worst system I have ever owned & with what I have spent in the last 3 years to keep it running, I could have installed a new one. It is now broken again & I am going to scrap it and start all over. I cannot handle another $5,000 bill to just have hot water. Please do not buy a Buderus hot water boiler.

Sonny Davidson

Middleton, ID

"Disappointed and frustrated"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am very disappointed with my Buderus GB142-60. I purchased and had it installed about 2.5 years ago. I had some minor issues but the efficiency was only 90% (<95% stated) at last year's cleaning & tuning. The fact that only the high end turn off temperature can only be set and not the low end turn on temperature is very limiting. Finding a heating contractor to install it was easy but finding a servicing contractor was very difficult. Most of my local heating contractors will not service this unit. After trying for over a year to find someone, I called Buderus and they finally recommended a local contractor. I signed up for an annual service contract with a recommended contractor. They cleaned and tuned the boiler last December. Two months later, the unit shut down with a 6a error code which could not be reset. My service contractor found a corroded connector and repaired it. In addition, there was a water leak and it was determined that seals and a threaded pipe (#73149) needed to be replaced. I believe these parts failed prematurely, which is unsatisfactory. The parts could not be obtained by any local suppliers; therefore, the parts had to be ordered and expedited overnight for an overall cost of $600, of which there was a $140 charge for shipping and a $105 pick up charge. These 2 parts could be ordered via the internet for $84 and shipped overnight for $25. I am very disappointed that there were no parts available locally and that companies take advantage of situations when customers have no heat or hot water for 4 days. As recommended qualified servicing contractors of Buderus, the product is only as good as the people providing the customer service required.

John G.

Burlington, CT

"Stay away!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have been trying to get my boiler to run properly for over 5 years. This boiler is ruining my life. I am off-grid, which means I cannot afford for it to run without firing. It constantly refuses to fire (yet uses 8+ amps on pumps that run for nothing) unless the floor gets colder than 62 degrees, due to its high limit shutoff. For my floor to get to 62 degrees my house has to be about 55, so I cannot get heat until my house is freezing cold. Yet, on a sunny day, it fires up and runs perfectly. I do not think it is possible to hate anything more. 5 years of hell and I have had it.

Dena Jones

"GB142/30 – 5 years and still running. Two- zone heating only, with baseboard radiators"

3.0 rating

Installed in 2009, a GB142/30. It's heating an 1800 square foot house. So far I've replaced a Grundfos circulation pump ($90) and a condensation trap ($50) which melted at point where it is touching the unit. It is very important to clean it once a year. Next time I will look for a less complicated boiler,but I hope this one can last a few more years. Everybody blames the installer, but I don't have those issues because I installed it myself and hired a good electrician to wire this baby. There are no issues with wrong codes, no ice on the exhaust when done to the factory specifications. It is running well and the gas bill is low. To install this baby, some of those wizards were asking me $5000-$6000.

lester R

Staten Island, NY

Other Logamax Plus GB142 Reviews

Overall, many of the technicians writing on online discussion forums report few problems with Buderus boilers and recommend them as quality products. However, at least one professional contributor on www.hvac-talk.com offers caution for consumers considering purchasing the Buderus due to a reoccurrence of blockages and other problems in the unit�s aluminum heat exchanger. This poster recommends homeowners purchase products with stainless steel heat exchangers for long-term performance. In another case, a homeowner posting on www.justanswer.com complains of his boiler starting and then quickly turning off. This time the problem seems to be with a defective thermostat sensor.

Logamax Plus GB142 Warranty

The Buderus GB142 comes with a registration-dependent, 5-year parts and labor warranty for residential installations. The heat exchanger has a limited lifetime warranty.

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