BUDERUS Logamax Plus GB142 Boilers

Buderus Logamax Plus GB142 Boiler Overview

The Buderus Logamax Plus GB142 is an efficient wall-mounted gas condensing boiler. Capable of horizontal and vertical venting, with or without a chimney, it is produced in four models with inputs ranging from 84,000 to 214,800 BTU/H and outputs of 22,700 to 196,600 BTU/H. The modulating boiler carries a rating of 90 percent AFUE.

The manufacturer says that the GB142 is unique due to its pre-fabricated, low-loss manifold. The design is intended to achieve improved efficiency and enable the boiler to be installed in a variety of convenient places. The manifold ensures a correct flow rate, and its simple piping helps with quick installation. The boiler can be customized for various flue systems, and add-ons, such as a high-efficiency hot water heater, can be easily installed. With an aluminum heat exchanger, the Buderus GB142 is equipped with advanced technologies and sensors for troubleshooting and integration of add-ons.

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Consumer Reviews of Buderus Logamax Plus GB142


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  • 25% of customers recommended

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Buderus Logamax Plus GB142 Boiler Reviews

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5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We've had our Buderus boiler since 2007 and heat about 4200 sq. Ft. With it. It is in a separate building that is 16x 24 and this is part of the total sq. Footage that is heated. There are filters on the return line and it is running with about a 50% glycol mix with the city of Saskatoon water. I try to run it with a 7 ph level. On an annual basis, I dismantle the boiler and do a fairly thorough cleaning. I must say that other then a few glitches I've had no trouble with it. A Couple of former co-workers and myself installed the system ourselves, one being a plumber/ gas fitter and the other being in energy management. I myself being an electrician. By reading the reviews I see I'm in the minority as far as customer satisfaction is concerned.

Cliff Combres

Saskatoon, SK Canada

"Waste of money"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Started having problems in the second heating season. Parts are double what you would pay for other brands. Sensors, fan, air relief at the top, all went by year three. By year four manifold was leaking at seals, oval ring in back vent disintegrated. Had to have the whole unit removed for that. By year five a hole developed in the back case. Not the exchanger. Leaked water and carbon monoxide into the house. Finally had it removed. In a lifetime I will never earn back money that would have been saved in efficiency. Cleaned twice a year by service. Besides the cost of the unit, I spent probably close to 5k keeping it running for 5 years. Buderus, now Bosch was zero help. They gave up on these years ago.

Cold in Vermont


"Leaks badly – no service can fix Buderus reps. went away."

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

No one to service – States there is no fixing leaks!!

R Bartlett

Norway, ME

"HEED THE BAD REVIEWS–a real problem"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I thought we just had a lemon until I looked online. No one has anything good to say about the Buderus 142 series wall mounted boilers. A nightmare to disassemble and clean–which we need to do twice a season. Even then, you can't get it clean enough to be efficient. In less than seven years it has eroded the heat transfer fins almost completely away. Add me to the list of completely dissatisfied customers. Looking for a replacement that is better engineered for maintenance and longevity. Terrible product.

Call Me Chaz

Rockwood, ME


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed 2009. Still under warranty, but Bosch will not honor it. Leaking. 3 people came to look at it — all of them said this is not a good system. All of them said I should replace rather than fix.

F Moyer

Dover, NH

Other Logamax Plus GB142 Reviews

Overall, many of the technicians writing on online discussion forums report few problems with Buderus boilers and recommend them as quality products. However, at least one professional contributor on www.hvac-talk.com offers caution for consumers considering purchasing the Buderus due to a reoccurrence of blockages and other problems in the unit�s aluminum heat exchanger. This poster recommends homeowners purchase products with stainless steel heat exchangers for long-term performance. In another case, a homeowner posting on www.justanswer.com complains of his boiler starting and then quickly turning off. This time the problem seems to be with a defective thermostat sensor.

Logamax Plus GB142 Warranty

The Buderus GB142 comes with a registration-dependent, 5-year parts and labor warranty for residential installations. The heat exchanger has a limited lifetime warranty.

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