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BUDERUS GB142 Boiler Reviews

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"Choose your boiler carefully"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

5 years ago a commercial heating wholesaler gave me a great deal on the Buderus GB142, as I was having issues with an older boiler that originally came with my 20 year old home. It was time to update. About a year later I started having issues – error codes, loss of pressure. I called the wholesaler only to find out he dropped the line as he was having issues with the supplier and Buderus was not providing the support that he was promised when he picked up the product line. With some tinkering on my own I kept it running The boiler worked fine for the first 2 winters, then all hell broke loose. It started losing pressure again and I began fiddling with valves bleeding off water as I thought that possibly there was air in my line. Lots of error codes. This seemed to work and I made it to my 4th winter. In year 4, I decided to get it cleaned as recommended by a local mechanical service company in Calgary called ********* ********. Recommendations were made in order to make the system more efficient. Well to my surprise $10,500 later the system was working well, seeing that I paid twice for the cost of a new boiler ,which was totally unexpected. 6 months later the boiler is shutting down again and error codes a plenty. I am now left with no heat again for the 2nd winter in a row. Again I began fiddling with the valves, bleeding the lines, and have it up and running again. For how long I'm unsure. I have another mechanical service company coming out. ********* it turns out charged me double the going rate so whatever you do, do not call these guys unless you have deep pockets. It turns out they have lots of consumer complaints. I am now considering replacing the Buderus with an IBC boiler made in Canada as my heating system has cost me over $40,000 in 6 years and I have had enough with it. The IBC will cost me less to put in than the service charge from last winter. Please look at consumer reviews online before turning over your hard earn cash for these units. I will never buy another one, and I am telling all my clients about ********* and Buderus. Stay away.

HW Campeau

Calgary, Alberta

"Do not buy Buderus"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had this unit for 7 years and It breaks down every 18 months and cost a third of the value to fix it each time. Really poor product, do not buy.

R Bregante

Aptos, CA

"Terrible unit and warranty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Try and get a warranty out of this manufacturer. You will be very disappointed. Unit is 4 years old and the coil leaks. Garbage. Don't waste your money.

Darren lebsack


"Do not purchase from Buderus"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Installed in 2009. Had numerous repairs under warranty. Now I am doing extensive repairs out of pocket. All involve water leaks, part failures. The unit was installed and serviced by a factory trained technician. I am now $1500.00 into repairs. Buderus will do nothing – they empathize but will not assist. I plan to replace the unit and cut my loss. Do not buy any product from them as they do not stand behind their product.


New York

"Junk boiler"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased this boiler 3 years ago for my new home after being told they were great units. Well, do not buy any Buderus boiler! It had lighting issues from the get go, then at only 2.5 years old the ignitor failed while we were out of town. We returned home to a 31 degree home with 8" of water in our finished basement. Their so-called lifetime warranty is a joke, they covered nothing because it froze. Duh, it didn't light so obviously it was gonna freeze and break the heat exchanger! Joke company with a joke warranty!

Lonnie Cavellier

Rodman, NY

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