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BUDERUS GB142 Boiler Reviews

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"$2000+ in repairs and service in 5 years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit is an unreliable money pit ($2000 in parts and service so far on my 2010 installation) that will leave you with damage to your home when it quits without warning. I spend a lot of time checking codes in my basement and telling family we can't come visit in cold weather. I bought a freeze warning auto dialer so I can leave for a weekend. My propane dealer has been great about the no-heat calls, but they say I need to dump this thing. They stopped selling them four years ago. Wish the plumbing subcontractor that put mine in had looked at the record – but he probably got this unit cheap because the truth was becoming known. The company home office (Buderus USA in New Hampshire) is an hour from my home – no response to my detailed email inquiry. Interestingly, they are not a member of the Better Business Bureau in their area. As an alternative, my propane guys recommend not going back to the 85% efficiency units others have suggested online (due to their relative reliability compared to the 95% units). They have installed quite a few Viessmann Vitodens High Efficiency Boilers, including in one of their own homes and two at their shop. They like these a lot, for all the reasons they don't like the Buderus, and will give me an estimate to remove the Buderus and install the Viessmann. Seems like there ought to be room for a US company to make some of these! My guess is that all told, counting the initial Buderus cost, repairs, and the replacement I will have spent $17,000 putting in a "high efficiency" propane boiler for radiant heat to three rooms and provide marginally adequate hot water. That's not counting the radiant work itself. Meanwhile the 2002 Williamson hot air oil furnace that heats the other 6 rooms chugs on at a total cost of $100 per year to clean. Somebody really should take this on as a class action.

Bud Errant

Western Massachusetts


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

As a plumber I've spent over 20 years installing heating systems, etc. This Buderus (Bosch) is a major money trap for the customer, and a big money maker for any service guy who wants to work on these. When I see positive reviews for this company I can't help but think it is people in New Hampshire who work for the company or they're service techs making huge profit off these terrible systems, I can go on for hours about Buderus(Bosch) and can't believe they are still in business. ADDED 1/25/16: First of all if you don't have this serviced a minimum once a year it will clog and fail very quickly. Servicing at a minimum means shutting off the gas, disconnecting the blower,electrical connection, disconnecting gas feed, taking top off of the heat exchanger, all of the burner plate, gasket, etc. And removing the bottom of the heat exchanger gasket, baffle, etc. You have to do this twice because once it is mineral oil then the second time water.This is not to mention other repairs like the igniter, sensor and a long list of others. Not many contractors will touch a Buderus. They have problems with the feed and returns and the way they connect to the low loss header, they leak and unions on the pressure switch inside the boiler sometime leak and quickly become really difficult to get apart. I'm trying to get Buderus to help a customer now on a warranty and they are finding every warranty voiding excuse in the book to not help him. They will have to honor his warranty, I'm shocked a lawyer hasn't taken a one page ad in the paper and set up a class action lawsuit, because in my customer's case they would be paying big settlements. This boiler is a huge mistake for anyone who wants to save fuel costs, you will be sad you didn't talk to me first.

Carmen G DeAngelis

Medford Ma

"Complete junk / I could write a book"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Our boiler was installed in 2008 and never once made it through a heating season without completely shutting down two or three times with a minimum of one repair. More often than not, it needed multiple repairs each year all at additional cost above the original installation. I'm a General Contractor in New York City and hired a very competent and professional installer to do the HVAC work on my country house. In 2009 after multiple failures with elusive causes, we had our water tested as a last resort to a pressure sensor problem. Then then we replaced fans, condensate trap, circuit board, uba, computer, and the wiring harness that got wet from the leaking condensate traps and on and on and on.The reps at Buderus are nice people but useless (It's not their fault as I'm sure it comes from above). In 2013, after years of being unable to completely resolve a 3c/217/p17 error code, the rep recommended a complete and total servicing of all elements of the boiler, both electrical and mechanical, which did nothing to help the problem. Turned out that 3c was an error code that they had not figured out yet and didn't know what to do to correct it until 2015. Next year will finally be the year I throw the Buderus on the junk heap and buy a new brand. If you can't utilize the 'junk heap' yet; one thing I recommend is to photograph or video tape all of your error codes and keep all your repair receipts. It's helpful to note the history of the problems so you can keep track of what fixes you've performed and what solutions either worked or didn't work. Ultimately, I could write a book about how to efficiently keep broken Buderus boilers running.

john carson

New York, NY

"Heat exchanger failed"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Total crap. Aluminum heat exchanger will fail on every one they sell. Ours lasted 7 years. The fan went out on it in 2 years. Fighting with them on the warranty, class action suit must be next. My plumber won't even install these anymore. Only stainless steel heat exchangers. Don't use this company ever!

David W

Boston, MA

"If you like headaches, buy a Buderus"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I could tell a nine-year horror story about my Buderous experience, but just read all the stories on this page. I had all of those nightmares. The last problem was a 1 1/2 x 1/4 inch hole in the factory installed exhaust pipe that went undetected for, probably, a year. Pumping CO into my home. Called Buderous – they weren't surprised. That was the last straw. I am sitting at my kitchen table having a cup of coffee watching the Buderus being loaded in the garbage truck. I can't tell you how good that makes me feel!

Martin Johnsen

Nantucket, MA

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