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BUDERUS GB142 Boiler Reviews

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"10 year old Junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After 10 years get ready to spend a bundle of money. Over $2000.00 spent on this 95 percent efficient water heater/home heater. Parts never in stock,always 4 days to get them.Imagine Boiler goes down on a below zero day, 4 days of no heat and no hot water. After 4 days parts show up only to find out the parts are 4 times than us made parts. Pretty bad when the service Tech tells to start to think about replacing this boiler. This after the 4th service call in a month. This German built boiler is full of Chinese parts way overpriced. So here where is the savings in a 95 percent efficient boiler when you spend way more $$$ on repairs. Buy U.S.A. boilers, not one of these German /Chinese pieces of junk.

William S. Drozd

Upstate, NY

"Boiler Exploded"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought and installed this in late 2008 with annual maintenance. Worked well for first 4 years then we began to have many of the same problems reported in this site: error codes for water pressure, ionization, etc. Spent $1000 in repairs in year 5 (2013) and again in year 6 when we had to replace the uba board. In 2017, spent more than $600 in repairs and anticipated spending more to replace the exhaust pipe which had corroded. After one week, no replacement part, and ' to add insult to injury – hot water failed. Hot water fix lasted less than 24 hours when the unit exploded due to a delayed ignition, setting off an accumulation of gas. While we are fortunate that no house fire resulted and that no one was hurt, the unit was not worth repairing. Buderus office in New Hampshire singularly unhelpful and unsympathetic in listening to and addressing our concerns as a customer ' and unwilling to take ownership of defective merchandise. It is with great pleasure that we see this malignant product removed from our home. We will not recommend Buderus to anyone in either our German or us domiciles.

Robert Howard

Orleans, MA

"Buderus support after the sale"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Our company sells, services and installs Buderus Boilers. The Boilers themselves are actually pretty good but we caution perspective customers about using Buderus (Bosch) Boilers due to our experience with the companies support after the sale. I personally have had only three instances where I have had to contact Buderus Tech Support in the past 10 years but in each of these three instances the experience was pitiful. Buderus support group could care less about the customers who own their equipment and simply lack the technical experience to properly support their product line. When I have had to call Buderus I'm reminded of the phrase 'those who can, do, those who can't, teach. Their support team touts years of experience, but lacks best practice techniques to validate their assessment. Buderus is all about changing parts which costs their customers dearly. In my experience the Buderus support team is staffed with incompetent technical wannabes with fragile egos. This is unfortunate for the Buderus customer who ultimately pays the price. What I tell my customers in the market for a new boiler or change out, is to be cautious when considering Buderus. While they are well made from the factory, you are absolutely on your own if there is a problem after the sale which requires the input of Buderus/Bosch. All things considered, there are better choices. What to check out the people behind Buderus who you would be depending on after you buy the boiler, give them a call and see for yourself, call 800-283- 3787, press 2, press 3.

Buderus Tech

Lynchburg, VA

"Complete Junk"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I seem to be in the same camp as many others on this thread. My gb142 was installed in 2009 and now not 8 years later the heat exchanger needs to be replaced. Seems they have a common issue and they should cover parts and labor as an exchange swap is nearly $2k for labor. I'm with Deb and would definitely join on a group effort for Buderus to pay all costs of this issue. Let us know what you find.


Westminster, MA

"Terrible product. PIECE OF CRAP!!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Terrible product. Don"t buy it. In less than 5 yrs, I have spent more than the cost of a new unit in repairs. Condensation built up and cracked the heat exchange unit. Contractor blamed it on not clean the unit 1yr. Supply and return both Sensors crapped out, obviously no explanation for that. Replaced the UBA board. Nothing but troubles. I thought, being a German product, it would be well made – Not so.

B. Gandhi

Clinton, NY

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