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BUDERUS GB142 Boiler Reviews

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"Big disappointment"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had this installed in my newly constructed home in 2011. 5 years later, it started to have a problem. It needs to be constantly reset (called services many many times). A week ago, it just totally went dead. My service company came in 4 times, and it was decided that it needs to be replaced. Most expensive boiler when it was installed, and, it only last total of 8 yrs. My old oil boiler lasted 25 yrs and no issues.

H. McConnell



1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Started having problems with leaking and corrosion where pipes connect to the unit. I have it maintained and serviced once a year. Now I am told that it will cost $1500 to have to fix. It also seems like every winter there are error codes, it stops working, and I have to have someone come out and fix it, in addition to the cost of the yearly maintenance on the unit. I have spent over a $1000 on repairs and maintenance so far and I am reluctant to spend another $1500 to have it fixed. What garbage.

Jessica Herndon


"We pissed"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

2006 this unit was installed! We have replaced every part!!!! Recently the unit quit at 1 am! $200 service call, said we need supply and return sensor !!!!& cost $350 installed! The unit was cleaned October 15, 2018, $400 !!! We could have purchased 2 new boilers for monies spent !!! This is a piece of junk Buderus / Bosch should send free parts for this disaster!!!!! We called Buderus and tried to explain, they won't talk about what is wrong, they said to call a hvac person!!!! Piss poor customer service!!!! I am a disabled veteran that needs a warm house !!! Next will be a new American made unit!!!!! The Germans only make high maintenance boilers like this lemon!!!!! Put a grenade in pull pin walk away!!!👎👎👎👎👎



"The truth on the Buderus GB142"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The problem with the gb142 is usually the plumbers that install it. I am a Bosch/Buderus accredited contractor. I get a lot of calls for service thru there website and 95 out of 100 calls starts with the plumber will only install them but don't service them. You got to be kidding me!! I find the units installed wrong about 80% of the time. Then if its a block leaking problem its because the water ph level was never checked and or adjusted. All makes and models of high-efficiency boiler require proper ph levels due to the material the block is made from. When I go to one that's a couple of years old and is clogged I clean it and start it and do a combustion test and you guessed it it's way off and the c/o levels are in the thousands because the plumber did not do a proper combustion test and adjustment on startup. I did one yesterday on a propane fired unit and my c/o was passed my meters limit of 30,000 ppm yes 30,000 ppm. Was 2 years old and you guessed the plumbing company installs them but doesn't service them. The only things that wear quickly are the flame rod (normal wear 4-6 years)and the screen that protects the igniter yes just the screen can be replaced. As for one review I read here the plumber had the 6a code and replaced a bunch of parts. Well, 99/100 times its the auto water feeder sticking which is not part of the boiler. If I had to give this a place on the high-efficiency boiler rating I would rate it #2 The Bosch Greenstar is the best High-efficiency boiler made. Yes I get the same with the Bosch the plumber installs it (wrong) but he doesn't know how to service it. Picture an oil boiler if I clean it to vacuum it ect set the combustion perfect that boiler will not need the boiler block cleaned or vacuumed for a few years or more the boiler block actually turns white. I have not had to clean my parent's block in 7 years yes it's that clean. If you going with a basic chimney vented boiler let your plumber do it if your going with high efficiency make sure the plumber who installs it works for a company that will send a HVAC tech there to do the proper startup for years of trouble-free service. When setting up right I find the Buderus needs basic t ups first 4 years then maybe a major service during year 5 depending on combustion testing and inspecting if it's putting out low c/o ppm chances are major cleaning not right. Go on any mfg reviews and the high efficiency always start out our plumber installed this and its nothing but issues. This proves there installed wrong.

Craig B


"Buderus review"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I paid almost $10,000 for a five zone-capable residential Buderus, high- efficiency boiler eight years ago. Last year, it started leaking water and was a costly repair. Today, I just learned from a technician who doesn't work for the company that installed the system (second opinion) that the real issue is the fact that they have an aluminum core, and the acidic value of the condensate eats it apart and creates leaks. Leading to potentially catastrophic failure.

K. Barwin

Essex Jct, VT

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