BUDERUS G115 Boilers

BUDERUS G115 Boiler Overview

The Buderus G115 is a discontinued oil-fired, low-temperature cast iron boiler. The G115 had a heating capacity of 74,000, 98,000, and 120,000 BTU’s, depending on the model. Boiler water content ranged from 8.7 to 12.9 gallons, and the oil firing rate ranged from .60 to 1.0 GPH. The boiler featured an insulated jacket to reduce stand-by heat loss, and an optional Logamatic control managed most control functions of the heating system.

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BUDERUS G115 Boiler Reviews

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"The best!!!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I see a lot of bad reviews on here and it's most likely the installers and service techs that are the problem. I've installed dozens and service dozens more. There is not a better boiler out there. This boiler is definitely 100% the best. It requires the least amount of service. Also I found that when a Carlton ez burner is put on it usually causes more problems. I would recommend a Riello or Beckett. To the people giving a bad rating I would recommend switching service companies.


Bennington, VT

"well engineered, solid design."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have installed dozens Buderus oil fired boilers, with the riello burner. And service many more. Rarely ever a problem. Installer and service tech must know what they are doing, Buderus only makes the heat exchanger, which is well designed and made, most problems likely are not related to the buderus part itself, but a failed or improperly used component. These boilers are far and away better than the much more common brand guys put in, but are more expensive, and require more effort and knowledge on the installers part. The Riello burners just keep on going, very reliable, well designed, easy to fix when you know how they work. Much better than the domestic counterpart, for simplicity, efficiency, and clean burn.. I do not care for the logamatic controls, prefer simpler cheaper controls, but that is just me.

Paul Whittaker

Bucks County, PA

"Trouble-free, efficient boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I'm not a plumber or specialist in boiler installation. I'm a homeowner, an engineer, and have installed Buderus + Logamatic controllers by myself in my last two homes – yes, they are heavy! I've been using their cast iron boiler and its companion indirect water heater for 11 years now in my current home. Aside from annual cleaning/service from a technician, this system has needed no service whatsoever (aside from replacing the anode in the water heater) and is running as efficiently as ever – very. Admittedly, it's hard to get much out of Buderus, so my recommendation is to hire an installer with experience with Buderus and plans to service the equipment as needed. If he installs it right, chances are you won't be calling him much, if ever.

Rob T.

Norwalk, CT

"Worse boiler ever!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We bought this boiler after our 25 year old boiler died on the recommendation of our oil company. They had been very helpful for years so we trusted their opinion and didn't do a lot of research before installing it. What a mistake! We would be broke if we didn't have a service contract because we have averaged 8-10 service calls since year 3. One year we had 15 calls in 1 winter season. They even sent a Buderus rep to try to figure it out! What a piece of junk! Never again. Give me an old American Standard cast iron boiler any day!

P. Sokoloff

Boston, MA

"Would not recommend"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We've had this boiler for 15-20 years and it's been nothing but problems. We've replaced many parts and it requires constant maintenance. Stay away from this company.



Other G115 Reviews

Online comments about the G115 are quite positive. On several online forums, including doityourself.com, there are comments about problems with the Riello burners. Professionals on hvac-talk.com call the G115 a really good and efficient boiler, explaining that this boiler was used for years in Europe and is proven technology. Professionals on nepacrossroads.com note the unit’s efficiency and state that it is also easy to service.

G115 Warranty

The Buderus G115 warranty is comprised of a 1-year limited warranty on the boiler, a pro-rated lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger, and a 5-year warranty on the burner. Labor costs are not included in the warranty. Change in owner or relocation of the boiler terminates the warranty.

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