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Bryant Evolution Heat Pump Overview

With up to 19 SEER and 9.0 HSPF, all models of Bryant’s Evolution series meet Energy Star guidelines for efficiency. These two-stage heat pumps maximize home comfort and energy savings by consistently operating on a lower function and automatically transitioning to high heating stage when needed.

This series uses Puron refrigerant and advertises sound as quiet as a vacuum with the noise softening features of the AeroQuiet System II. The Evolution line is also equipped with an easy to read thermostat with the ability to program 7 days of temperature, humidity, and air quality.

All units have a powder-coat finish and are finished with Bryant’s DuraGuard Plus formula for extra durability and protection weather.

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Consumer Reviews of Bryant Evolution


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  • #3 of 4 Bryant Heat Pump
  • 26.92% of customers recommended

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Bryant Evolution Heat Pump Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Saves lot on energy very satisfied

craig little


"Bryant rated #1 over Trane and 100 times better then a Goodman"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

To all those negative reviewers on the Bryant systems. It sounds like your issues stemmed from poor installation and not the product or were victims of a shady contractor who told you your systems were bad or damaged them so you would either replace it or pay for parts you really did not need. It is always recommended to go with a factory authorized dealer for the brand you want installed as they have extensive instruction and schooling on the systems. Don't ever be fooled by the fancy adds with empty promises and offering higher then normal rebates or really cheap checkups – they are usually the ones that will sell you something you don't need, condemn a unit before its time and inflat their prices. I have owned a Bryant/Carrier unit over for 16 years never gave me any trouble except for the a contactor replaced (minor part) and just recently upgraded to a 2 stage 16 seer evolution system to take advantage of the tax credit and higher Seer efficiency. I have installed 1000's of bryants over the years with maybe less then 2% having any minor issues (no serious issues like coils or compressor issues)but have had tons of repairs on brands like Goodman (mostly for their evap coils), Gibson, Amana,tempstars. We also install Payne (Made by Carrier/Bryant) and occasional Rheem or Comfortmaker. We installs system we know our customers will be 100% satisfied and have the least amount of issues. We refuse to install Goodman, Gibson, Amana or Heils as they are the worst on the market due to their repair history.



"2 1/2 ton 288 series failures"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I'm very unsatisfied with this "Top of the Line " hp. The Bryant dealer I used to install is not to blame. They did a great job of installing the new units and modifying existing ductwork to fit my needs. Their service is top notch. My problem. The unit was installed in Oct 09. Worked great until April 2010. Both 2.5 ton units would not cool. The outdoor units were loud and making a noticeable different sound. Both outdoor units were replaced.Under warranty. Summer and winter 2010 they worked fine. Now at the first sign of warm weather and turning to "cool" I'm having the same problem. They won't cool and the outdoor units make a loud noise. The tech says Bryant want to replace the reversing valves in both units. (WITH WHAT THE SAME TYPES THAT ARE NOT WORKING NOW?) And as far as energy savings? If I leave the units run waiting for them to cool….they don't. But they will spike up your electrical bill!!!! I have complete faith in my dealer but I'm wondering and contemplating what I'm going to have to do to get this settled. I thought I bought the best they could offer but am now feeling I have a lemon. As of now I wouldn't recommend. I'll follow up.

G Emswiler

Charles Town, WV

"More Bryant Evolution Trouble"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

After investing $22,393.75 in March of 2006 on 3 Bryant Evolution heat pump systems, there has been several problems indicating that these systems are defective. In addition to the earlier August compressor replacement at $700 that I already reported the following has happened. August 8, 2010 $225 Repair Three days later, after replacing the compressor, the capacitor went out on the upstairs unit. November 18, 2010 Replaced defective compressor installed on August 6th. The new one quit working. December 21, 2010 Replaced defective defrost board. The outside unit was frosting so badly that frost was bulging through the wire grate cover on the unit. January 3, 2011 $525 Upstairs compressor quit working, we were without heat. My kind repair company tried to get some restitution from Bryant, but they would not budge since they do not warrant the compressors. It is clear Bryant doesn't warrant these parts for the mere reason that they are unreliable and defective. After spending over $22,000 as an initial investment, having our HVAC systems serviced twice a year only to have parts go bad and dump another 1450.00 into these Bryant Evolution units, that Bryant should offer some restitution and customers should know about the problems with these units before making such a large investment.


"Very Good System"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Too bad so many people have been rating Bryant heat-pumps so poorly when it's often been the service or installation company that has provided poor/incompetent service. That unfairly skews the picture. We installed a 17.5 SEER 5-ton Evolution system 7 years ago. Very quiet and energy efficient. The only issue we've had was the compressor starting to make an odd noise after about 2 years. Bryant replaced it under warranty.

G. Allen

Point Venture, TX

Other Evolution Reviews

From consumer posts to HVAC reviews, Bryant's Evolution series is thought to be a quality product. goes as far to say the Evolution series is one among one of the best heat pumps in the industry. Others on note the Evolution models are not only effective for cutting energy costs, but are also reasonably lower in price than other brand's top tier heat pumps.

Consumers on did report individual issues with their unit, but did complement the system's on board diagnostic system. Folks on say that tool contributes to more efficient operation. Consumers on this thread also recommend the Evolution series to others looking for increased humidity control.

Bryant Evolution Model Numbers

The Evolution is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER / HSFP BTUs per Hour
286ANA036-B 16.5 / 9 0
288ANA024-B 18 / 9 0
288ANA060-B 15.5 / 9.1 0

Evolution Warranty

The original owner is eligible to receive a 10-year limited warranty on parts and the compressor. The product must be registered within 90 days of installation on or the warranty term is decreased to 5 years. Optional extended warranties to cover labor costs are also available upon request.

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