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"Lemon useless warranty"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

The warranty is a hoax and the product sucks. The dealer promised that the two fan speeds that are part of this unit's design would offer efficiency, longevity, and quiet operation. First, it never was quieter than our old 30 year old Lennox we replaced switching from oil to propane. Longevity? It is completely malfunctioning at only 4 years old when our last furnace never broke down in its 30 year run! Diagnosis has been a nightmare. We called the installer when we began smelling burning plastic from all vents. They charged $240 to examine it, never informing that this unit can't be diagnosed per warranty without codes flashing from a little light at base of unit. No diagnosis, no apology, no commitment to diagnose at reduced cost as symptoms worsen since we already paid. It took three tries, three different companies to get a diagnosis: blown control panel, blown motor fan. The company is making us pay for the labor of repairs before they will even order the parts from Bryant–owned by Carrier. They don't get reimbursed by Bryant until the damaged parts arrive at factory and are examined. No authorized dealers will carry the temporary cost for warrantied parts so they pass the cost on to the customer in the form of "labor costs" which the warranty doesn't cover. The repair guy said time for repairs will be 45 minutes. Cost for labor? $600! We had to pay over the phone today for the "labor" but got no promise of timeline for installation. Total cost for diagnosis and predicted repairs so far? $1000! Only four years in, this is a nightmare!

Julie Markkanen

Canton, CT

"Excellent system"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

My Bryant Plus 80t Perfect Heat system was installed in 2003 and it works perfectly today. I have two Spring and Fall inspections per year and I have only spent about $300.00 total in repair costs each for the heating and cooling systems since it was installed. It's going on 14 years of age and still working great.


Clinton Township, MI

"Three new motors in 4 years"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

What more can I say? Moving onto fan motor replacement no. 4, but now after warranty. Bryant Customer Relations Rep Stephany says now the onus is on me. The most they will do from here on is offer telephone technical support if I chose to have motor no. 4 installed. Are they saying their pre-approved repair people in my area didn't know how to install a simple blower fan? Oh and by the way I live in the Pacific Northwest. We have the mildest winters on the continent. So for now, I'm heating my home with a portable heater, which luckily for myself as a Bryant furnace owner, is doing a reasonable job. However this is June!

Dominic Godbout

British Columbia, Canada

"Not a good long term purchase"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

I purchased this unit in 1998. Had the air conditioner compressor replaced under warranty and just purchased a new compressor in 2014. That's three compressors in 16 years. Also replaced the blower motor and capacitor along with the TXV valve and filter dryer in 2014. The Puron has escape over the winter of 2014 and again in 2015. Now the A-coil is leaking. Someone mentioned a gas smell in the exhaust, mine does that too. I have not tried for a new heat exchanger as my service person says my heat exchanger is fine. Anyway I have spent 80% on my purchase price in 1998 through June of 2016. So in 18 years I have paid almost twice for it. Therefore my position is the product is unreliable and prone to need repair. I do not recommend Bryant.


Lincoln, IL

"My Furnace Is Always Hot"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I have had my furnace for about 3 years now. I am somewhat satisfied with it because it does a very nice job heating up, but sometimes I feel as though it could produce more heat and that it is lacking. I'm not sure if something is blocking the way or what is going on but I might have to get it checked out soon. I have never had to repair or replace it yet, which is nice, but like I said I might have to soon get it repaired because the power to heat is starting to lack. I would buy from the same brand again, maybe just a different model though because it seems as though this one just isn't built to last. They salesman said we could get at least 10 years out of it and it's only been 3, however I do think they are very sturdy and reliable which is why I said I would still buy from Bryant.

Harrisburg, PA

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