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Bryant Evolution Plus 90i Furnace

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The Bryant Evolution Plus 90i furnace is a two-stage, 4-way multipoise model with a variable speed blower motor. This furnace is Energy Star rated with an AFUE of up to 96.6% and features home comfort controls for easy operation. The Evolution Plus 90i operates on low stage heating up to 90% of the time for efficiency, and the secondary heat exchanger extends heat transfer. The design of the Bryant Evolution Plus 90i Furnace is CSA certified.

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Furnace Reviews

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"High repair costs"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I purchased a Plus 90i furnace in 2004. It is now 11 years old. Recently a noise appeared in the furnace and the Bryant service people tell me I have to replace an exhaust fan assembly costing approx $1100 plus labor to install, but they say Bryant has developed an improved fan assembly. If Bryant saw the need to improve this fan assembly, why didn’t they issue a recall to have these fans replaced at no charge to the consumers? Instead Bryant just waited until these fans caused problems, thus letting their consumers pay this huge cost amount. Again, corporations like Bryant are abusing consumers. I will likely not ever purchase another Bryant product.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

"Minor failure – covered by the warranty"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The Bryant 355AAV was installed by a reputable HVAC company 4 years ago in my newly-built house. The same crew did all the duct work, hrv, and electrical connections, so there can be no finger pointing. Overall I’m very happy with how the unit works. It’s reasonably quiet in the basement mechanical room, and keeps the 2000 square foot house at an even temperature. I particularly like the Evolution system programmable thermostat; it’s great for vacations and adjusting heating cycles for nighttime, etc. The furnace started making a grinding noise at the start-up of the inducer fan last September (2014). The installers put in a new unit. As with most things these days, it is not just a fan, but a total “module” which I was told is more than $400. The first replacement was faulty and they ordered another. Four-plus winter months now, and this one seems fine. The part cost was covered under warranty, but I paid an $84 labor charge. So the operating cost of the furnace over four years (gas cost aside) is $160 for 2 routine servicing visits plus the $84 to install the replacement part, or $61 per year, plus filters. I’ve got my fingers crossed reading some stories here, as everything but the heat exchanger goes off warranty in 8 months…but so far, so good.

B.C. Canada

"Disappointed consumer"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit is noisy, especially when the second level comes on. It was 7 years old when the blower motor died. The replacement was $900.00. Its warranty was 5 years. We really feel ripped off and will not buy Bryant again.

Harvard, IL


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Furnace came brand new with our new home. Complete junk. This furnace breaks down every single year and has never functioned properly. The only thing the furnace is consistent with is draining my bank account to repair it. It currently makes a grinding noise upon startup, overheats and then shuts itself off. After a nice argument over the phone, I was told it’s only covered under warranty if there is no heat. Don’t waste your time, this is the worst, junkiest, crappiest piece of garbage we have ever used.

Pembroke, Ontario

"Blower motor"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have three Bryant evolution systems at our home including one in a separate guest house. The compressor on one failed within a year after installation and was covered by warranty. The blower motor on one of the furnaces failed recently in the sixth year of its life and was no longer covered. I have been doing regular six month service! The replacement cost $1170 of which the motor was +/- $900 (they won’t tell you what it costs because you can only get this GE motor with the service module which they make you buy) from Bryant. I called Bryant’s home office to find out that there was no relief and that the warranty of five years was up. They would absolutely tell me nothing else not even what the part cost — very dissappointing call! I kept the old motor and am told by a motor repair shop that they can put in a new bearing for $75 but can’t test it because the service module is proprietarty! I’m going to try it for when the next unit fails. I would strongly reccommend against buying bryant and carrier is the same thing! They rape you on parts and the quality is questionable!

Cincinnati, Ohio

Other Evolution Plus 90i Reviews

Comments on HVAC-Talk message boards and heating contractor sites are mixed regarding this Bryant Furnace:

  • One person at the HVAC-Talk forums claims to have had no problems with the Bryant unit or replacement of any parts in 20 years. But the compressor keeps going out for apparently no reason. Perhaps this problem is associated with poor or complicated wiring that sometimes interferes with the functioning of certain parts.
  • Two other people at the HVAC-Talk forums concur. In their particular cases, however, the wiring interferes with the pilot light’s performance, which, in turn, prevents the flame from igniting or causes the flame to extinguish right after starting.
  • One professional tech at the HVAC-Talk forums clarifies that Bryant’s five-wire valves tend to be aggravating because they interfere with pilot performance.

Questions and Answers


What does error code 43 mean?


The trouble shooting guide for your furnace is here:, and Bryant has provided instructions for error code 43 on page 30.

Bryant Evolution Plus 90i Model Numbers

The Evolution Plus 90i is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
355AAV042040* 96.6 40,000
355AAV042060* 94.1 60,000
355AAV042080* 94.1 80,000
355AAV042080** 92.7 80,000
355AAV042080*** 93.7 80,000
355AAV042080x 94.1 80,000
355AAV042080xx 92.7 80,000
355AAV042080xxx 93.7 80,000
355AAV060080* 94.1 80,000
355AAV060080** 92.7 80,000
355AAV060080*** 93.7 80,000
355AAV060080x 94.1 80,000
355AAV060080xx 92.7 80,000
355AAV060080xxx 93.7 80,000
355AAV060100* 94.1 100,000
355AAV060100** 92.7 100,000
355AAV060100*** 93.7 100,000
355AAV060100x 94.1 100,000
355AAV060100xx 92.7 100,000
355AAV060100xxx 93.7 100,000
355AAV060120* 94.1 120,000
355AAV060120** 92.7 120,000
355AAV060120*** 93.7 120,000
355AAV060120x 94.1 120,000
355AAV060120xx 92.7 120,000
355AAV060120xxx 93.7 120,000
355MAV042040 96.6 40,000
355MAV042040* 95 40,000
355MAV042040-L 96.6 26,000
355MAV042040-L* 95 26,000
355MAV042060 94.1 60,000
355MAV042060* 92.7 60,000
355MAV042060-L 94.1 39,000
355MAV042080 94.1 80,000
355MAV042080* 92.7 80,000
355MAV042080-L 94.1 52,000
355MAV042080-L* 92.7 52,000
355MAV060080 94.1 80,000
355MAV060080* 92.7 80,000
355MAV060080-L 94.1 52,000
355MAV060080-L* 92.7 52,000
355MAV060100 94.1 100,000
355MAV060100* 92.7 100,000
355MAV060100-L 94.1 65,000
355MAV060100-L* 92.7 65,000
355MAV060120 94.1 120,000
355MAV060120* 92.7 120,000
355MAV060120-L 94.1 78,000
355MAV060120-L* 92.7 78,000

Evolution Plus 90i Warranty

Bryant Evolution Plus 90i furnaces come with a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchangers and a 5-year limited warranty on all of its parts. Extended warranties are also available.

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