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Bryant 395CAV Furnace Overview

The Bryant 395CAV is a discontinued variable-speed, induced-combustion upflow gas furnace with an 80.0% AFUE. With a cabinet height of 40 inches, the 395CAV was designed for installation in alcoves, closets, utility rooms, basements and attics. It used a hot surface ignition, and the patented 4-pass heat exchanger was constructed of aluminized steel. A patented blocked vent safeguard shut the furnace off if the vent became obstructed or stopped working correctly. Noise levels of the 395CAV were reduced by a soft mount inducer assembly and slow opening gas valve. The control board monitored furnace operations and functions and included a self-test feature and an LED status indicator light. The prepainted sheet metal cabinet had a galvanized steel substrate to provide protection against rust.

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Consumer Reviews of Bryant 395CAV


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Bryant 395CAV Furnace Reviews

"good quality furnace."

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I have owned this furnace for nine plus years. I love this furnace. It came with the house that we bought. I have not had any issues at all. This furnace heats our home very well. I have never had to have any repairs. Not too bad for buying an older house. The only thing that I have had to replace are the filters, which is just routine for any furnace. I love the fact that when the furnace kicks in it is quiet. Some furnaces are extremely loud, but not this one. It has a nice strong even flow of heat. I would highly recommend this furnace to anyone looking for a furnace. It is a high efficiency Bryant furnace. The model number is 395CAV036075. It is a natural gas heater. My bills are low. Some houses I have lived in the gas bills are high because of how often the furnaces have to kick in. This furnace helps keep my cost of living down.

Milwaukee, Wi

"Poor quality! Even worse customer care!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Many costly repairs. Was told by one certified Bryant dealer that the previous certified Bryant dealer had mis-wired the furnace. Five months out of warranty on a motor, and they won’t replace the part. They won’t offer any kind of a discount on it and were rude and nasty; the rep wouldn’t even give me their telephone number. Motor replacement: $1G. Twice it has burst and flooded my basement carpet. Circuit boards, etc. Don’t be fooled by their claims of 10 and 20 year warranties. If they stood behind the product, they would at least replace the faulty motor. Tried to tell me a motor was just like a tire or an oil change on a car. Very faulty comparison. Never again!

New Hampshire

Other 395CAV Reviews

There are several discussions on HVAC forums regarding problems with the 395CAV. Most of them regard units that are quite old and the problems don’t appear too serious. Consumers on three threads described problems that professionals advised were probably caused by the control board. A problem from a contributor on was also attributed to a bad control board.

Questions and Answers


What does a red blinking light mean?


The bottom panel of your furnace should have a chart that shows you what each code sequence means. Steady blinking means it is in standby and two blinks means ignition tries have been exceeded.

Bryant 395CAV Model Numbers

The 395CAV is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
395CAV024045 80 44,000
395CAV024070 80 66,000
395CAV036070 80 66,000
395CAV036111 80 110,000
395CAV042091 80 88,000
395CAV048091 80 88,000
395CAV048111 80 110,000
395CAV048135 80 132,000
395CAV060155 80 154,000

395CAV Warranty

The Bryant 395CAV is covered by a 20-year limited heat exchanger warranty and a 3-year limited parts warranty on the blower control and hot surface igniter.

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