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Bryant 340AAV Furnace Overview

The Bryant 340AAV is a 92.1 percent AFUE condensing gas furnace designed for new residential construction or manufactured home applications. With 12 models available, this series offers flexible installation with a 4-way multi-poise design in upflow, downflow or horizontal configurations. Units can be installed with natural or propane gas and using either 1- or 2-pipe venting.

The 340AAV is equipped with a hot surface igniter; a primary and secondary heat exchanger; and a multi-speed, direct-drive blower motor. A sealed combustion system operates quietly while reducing drafts from the outdoor air.

Additional features of this series include a scratch-resistant galvanized steel cabinet, laminated condensing heat exchanger and electronic air cleaner and humidifier connections. The 340AAV is an Energy Star-compliant system.

Furnace Filters for the Bryant 340AAV

Air Flow ConfigurationCabinet WidthFilters
All17-1/2″1 16x25x3/4
(bottom air return)
All21″1 20x25x3/4
(bottom air return)
All24-1/2″1 24x25x3/4
(bottom air return)
AllAll1 16x25x3/4
(side air return)

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Consumer Reviews of Bryant 340AAV


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  • Somewhat Satisfied
  • Neutral
  • Somewhat Unsatisfied
  • Very Unsatisfied
  • #9 of 21 Bryant Furnace
  • 0% of customers recommended

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Bryant 340AAV Furnace Reviews

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1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have used this furnace very little since I bought the home 7 years ago.the furnace was 5 years old then. The heat exchanger is clogged now and the repair bill is $1600 and the part itself is covered under warranty. It took the technician 2 minutes or less to diagnose the problem.

Gary Ross

"Horrible furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We replaced the original Bryant furnace with this unit number in 2012. Already have to replace again in 2018. This is unacceptable and this company should have a lawsuit filed. 340Aav036080 was model number And we have to go with another Bryant due to plumbing and duck work :(. Without heat for 2 weeks now. Thank god for space heaters. It�s been brutal cold

Old Orchard Beach , ME

"No Heat"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Have experienced several problems in the six year period with this furnace. These include two emergency calls to diagnose problems which totaled over $300. One problem was the pressure switch needing replacement. Then the inducer motor failed after three years. Now we have been diagnosed with needing a new secondary heat exchanger. We have been advised that we may need to pay for the labor costs which could be as high as $1200 (6-8 hours). When I called Bryant’s customer service, I was told that they typically do not pay labor costs to replace the heat exchangers (secondary or primary). This all seems very unfair to us to say the least!

Frederick, MD

"Poor Quality"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Motor replaced at year six. Plus numerous other problems since new. Air Conditioning also a problem and replaced entire unit with new/different brand. Do not recommend Bryant and will never buy Bryant again.

Kelowna, BC, Canada

"Terribly unreliable"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This furnace has been in my new house for three years now, and is on its third completely unique total failure (different part ruining it each time). Absolutely junk. If you like repairing your unit every season, then this furnace is for you; otherwise, stay far, far away.

Madison, WI

Other 340AAV Reviews

The Bryant 340AAV is subject to mixed reviews from forums across the web. While most contractors recommend the unit and other Bryan heating products, consumer forums such as post several troubleshooting issues. Problems include instances where the furnace only blows cold air, failure to light and failure of interior components including the pressure switch or blower.

Despite the operational issues, many contractors on and have a positive view of this unit and believe it will provide quality performance with proper care and installation. However, some of these professionals mention it may be worth spending a little more to upgrade to a model with variable-speed functionality for more long-term efficiency and cost-effective performance.

Question and Answer


Flashing yellow LED light on a Bryant 340 MAV


According to the owner’s manual a continuous light from the yellow LED means that your furnace is operating in high heat. However, if it is flashing there should be a number next to the yellow flashing light. This number is the error code and will give you and idea of the source of the problem.

For the error codes go here and look for page 11.

Bryant 340AAV Model Numbers

The 340AAV is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
340AAV024040* 92.3 40,000
340AAV024040** 91.2 40,000
340AAV024040*** 92.1 40,000
340AAV024040x 92.1 40,000
340AAV024040xx 91 40,000
340AAV024060* 92.3 60,000
340AAV024060** 91.2 60,000
340AAV024060*** 92.1 60,000
340AAV024060x 92.1 60,000
340AAV024060xx 91 60,000
340AAV036040* 92.3 40,000
340AAV036040** 91.2 40,000
340AAV036040*** 92.1 40,000
340AAV036040x 92.1 40,000
340AAV036040xx 91 40,000
340AAV036060* 92.3 60,000
340AAV036060** 91.2 60,000
340AAV036060*** 92.1 60,000
340AAV036060x 92.1 60,000
340AAV036060xx 91 60,000
340AAV036080* 92.3 80,000
340AAV036080** 91.2 80,000
340AAV036080*** 92.1 80,000
340AAV036080x 92.1 80,000
340AAV036080xx 91 80,000
340AAV048060* 92.3 60,000
340AAV048060** 91.2 60,000
340AAV048060*** 92.1 60,000
340AAV048060x 92.1 60,000
340AAV048060xx 91 60,000
340AAV048080* 92.3 80,000
340AAV048080** 91.2 80,000
340AAV048080*** 92.1 80,000
340AAV048080x 92.1 80,000
340AAV048080xx 91 80,000
340AAV048100* 92.3 100,000
340AAV048100** 91.2 100,000
340AAV048100*** 92.1 100,000
340AAV048100x 92.1 100,000
340AAV048100xx 91 100,000
340AAV060080* 92.3 80,000
340AAV060080** 91.2 80,000
340AAV060080*** 92.1 80,000
340AAV060080x 92.1 80,000
340AAV060080xx 91 80,000
340AAV060100* 92.3 100,000
340AAV060100** 91.2 100,000
340AAV060100*** 92.1 100,000
340AAV060100x 92.1 100,000
340AAV060100xx 91 100,000
340AAV060120* 92.3 120,000
340AAV060120** 91.2 120,000
340AAV060120*** 92.1 120,000
340AAV060120x 92.1 120,000
340AAV060120xx 91 120,000
340AAV060140* 92.3 138,000
340AAV060140** 91.2 138,000
340AAV060140*** 92 138,000

340AAV Warranty

Bryant provides a 5-year limited parts and 20-year limited warranty on the primary heat exchanger to the original owner. The secondary heat exchanger carries a 20-year limited labor warranty as well. Extended warranties that many include labor costs are available through Bryant dealers.

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