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Bryant Furnace Overview

Bryant is an HVAC brand that has offered heating and cooling systems since 1904. The company offers air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces that are competitively priced, energy-efficient and reliable. 

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Several Bryant furnace models meet ENERGY STAR guidelines for high efficiency, which means you can avoid spending more on energy bills. 

These heating systems also come with a host of features. For example, the company’s patented Perfect Heat technology ensures consistent comfort by adjusting system operation according to the changing weather conditions.

Furnaces overview

A furnace uses several components to heat the air and provide a cozy environment inside your home. Those components include a thermostat, a burner, a heat exchanger and a blower. 

The thermostat starts the furnace and controls the room’s temperature by sending electrical signals to open and close the fuel valve. The air flows through a heat exchanger that receives heat by burning the fuel using a burner. This hot air is then transferred to the rooms through the ductwork using the blower. Burnt gases resulting from combustion exit through a separate chimney.

Furnaces are typically classified according to the type of fuel they use. A gas furnace uses natural gas or propane, while an oil furnace uses fuel oil.

Bryant furnace series and models

Bryant sells a range of furnace options. The company offers both gas and oil furnaces in three distinct series: Evolution, Preferred, and Legacy. All models are available in different unit sizes ranging from 26,000 BTUh – 160,000 BTUh (British Thermal Unit per hour). 

Here are some of the top Bryant furnace models you can choose from according to budget, heating capacity and AFUE ratings. In each case, final costs vary depending on the unit size you choose, the location where you need the furnace installed and the amount of ductwork required. Speak to a local HVAC professional for an accurate quote.

Evolution 98 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace (987M)

The 987M is an ENERGY STAR qualified, flagship furnace model from Bryant that boasts AFUE of up to 98.3%. The unit offers exceptional energy-efficiency thanks to modulating operation, which matches the heating load to outside weather conditions. In addition, the heating system comes with humidity, airflow and smart comfort management features that offer superior comfort all year round. The furnace uses natural gas as fuel. However, you can convert to liquid propane through an additional accessory kit.

This gas furnace model is available in heating capacities ranging from 60,000 to 120,000 BTUh and costs around $2,500 without installation. 

Preferred 96 Two-Stage Gas Furnace (926T)

This top furnace model from the Preferred line boasts AFUE of up to 96.5% and uses two-stage heating to maintain even temperatures throughout the winter. The unit meets ENERGY STAR guidelines for high efficiency and comes with SmartEvap technology that offers additional summer dehumidification for your air conditioning system. It uses natural gas as a fuel and can convert to liquid propane. 

This two-stage gas furnace from Bryant is available in different heating capacities varying from 40,000 to 120,000 BTUh. The unit costs $2,400 without installation.

Preferred Series 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnace (922S)

With AFUE of up to 92.1%, the 922S helps users save on energy costs. It uses single-stage heating and employs natural gas as fuel. This furnace is available in heating capacities ranging from 40,000 to 120,000 BTUh and costs around $1,700 excluding installation. 

Legacy Line Fixed-Speed 80% Efficiency Gas Furnace (310A)

The 310A is one of the most cost-effective furnace models in the Legacy series. With AFUE of up to 80%, the unit is also efficient and will help you save on your energy bills. It has a fixed speed blower motor and uses a single-stage gas valve. You can pair this heating system with Bryant’s heat pump to switch between gas and electricity and save more on your utility bills. This durable unit uses natural gas as a fuel and is also convertible to liquid propane.

This furnace model is available in heating capacities ranging from 44,000 to 154,000 BTUh. The system costs around $885 without installation.

Preferred Series OVL Oil Furnace

Oil furnaces from Bryant are equally energy-efficient when compared to gas furnaces, and the OVL furnace model from the Preferred series is no exception. With AFUE of up to 86.8%, this compact unit delivers consistent heating performance while keeping your energy bills low. It uses a variable speed motor and high performance burner, which provides even temperature distribution in your home. The furnace uses Diesel fuel oil.

This oil furnace from Bryant comes in heating capacities ranging from 77,000 to 154,000 BTUh and costs about $3,900, excluding installation. 

Care and maintenance

Bryant furnaces are reliable and designed to offer long-lasting performance. If the furnace isn’t functioning correctly, you can contact your Bryant dealer right away for service. However, there are a few maintenance tasks that you can do yourself to ensure the longevity of the furnace, including the following:

  • Periodically clean and replace the air filters
  • Make sure that the furnace interior is clean and free from dust and debris
  • Do not block the outdoor exhaust pipes
  • Keep a check on CO detectors to prevent carbon monoxide leakage
  • Ensure that the air registers are free from obstructions

Bryant Furnace Warranties

Bryant offers a lifetime warranty on heat exchanger parts for some furnace models and a 10-year limited warranty on the entire unit. However, to get these warranties, you’ll need to register your furnace within 90 days of purchase. 

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