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"Replacing 30 yr. old Contractor System"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

30 years ago I had this home built and low end contractor Bryant equipment installed. Now having been in the business and working for a Bryant dealer I was always impressed with their equipment. Now after 30 years of service it is time to replace the furnace and the a/c unit. Yes over the course of 30 yrs. I replaced to fan motors which run 24/7,,,normal wear, after maybe after about 10 years I had to replace the a/c coil, it started to leak,,,normal wear. About 5 years ago I had to replace the condenser fan motor on the outside unit along with the fan blade since it was rusted fast.,,,normal wear. Now as stated above I started in the HVAC field and made a lot of repairs myself, some I did not. As someone stated up above you also have to look at your installing contractor as well,are their tech capable of making these repairs.? Some of these companies out hear today are slipshod, a guy taking a quick AC/Refrigeration course and hanging out a shingle. Know your contractor and don't always go to the cheapest bid. Within the next week I will be installing a new Bryant System and it will be done by the same company I started working for back in 1973.



"Run around service…..Terrible!!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

There is absolutely nothing to like about this equipment. I would never buy this brand again and would tell anyone who asked me about it not to purchase. I want to post on the net about a problem we are having with the fan motor on our Bryant air conditioning unit. The housing for the fan motor is rusting quite badly. We have been trying to get some help with this for over a month. It is a Bryant that was installed five years ago and we have a ten-year warranty on the purchase. My husband has documented all conversations with names, dates, a case number, promises of call backs which never come. Today he was told a call was made to him yesterday December 28, 2016 and it was blocked per the receptionist of the local repair service, Columbia, mo at 'Master Tech'. She said there was no documentation of them (Bryant) ever talking to my husband. We even sent pictures of what the housing looked like. All of this again has been documented from us to Bryant and Master Tech Air Conditioning. Has anyone else had problems with Bryant following through with problems with their products? If you have we would appreciate any help you could give us. Jack and Kathleen Chansley, Columbia, MO.

Kathleen J Chansley

Columbia, MO

"In court over installer stealing $4000.00"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am appalled that your certified Bryant installer after giving me a quote for hvac installation of $6500.00 that we agreed upon on 8/16/16 said he needed $4000.00 up front to pay for the equipment. I gave him the check and he said he would do the install on 8/20/16. He cashed the check on 8/18/16 and never did the install. I finally cancelled the agreement 9/23/16 after suffering through the summer heat and numerous attempts to get him to do the work. My attorney contacted him to return the money. He agreed to do so, wrote a check for first installment of $1000.00 that was nsf. Is this the kind of behavior you support? Now I have to pay the attorney & court fees to try to get my money back. I am a retiree living alone. Shame on you Bryant!!!!!!

marcia little


"Customer service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Only Bryant authorized service and installation contractor in this area of Central New York (Utica and surrounding area) is a complete disgrace to any reputable company. ******* ******** has no respect for customers, property or time. They do slipshod work that has ruined my entire renovated home ceilings. From drilling through water lines and letting the water pour into a newly renovated kitchen without even trying to shut the water off to never being reliable for service calls. You make appointments and they do not show up, you call them and get excuses why their people do not answer their phones. I would only recommend these products and this service installer to my worst enemy.

Unhappy Customer

Utica, New York

"Piece of junk!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

(Not real sure of the series# or model#) Bryant does not stand behind their product nor motto: "Whatever it takes". 4-Year-old unit developed a Freon leak in the outside unit. Apparently, the idiots who built this thing placed the copper lines too close together, causing them to run which creates holes in the copper lines. My repair man did not charge me for the repairs itself (he could tell I was very upset), but I am out $600 for 14-1/2 pounds of Freon. Bryant pretty much said "too bad". Well Bryant….too bad I won't buy another one of your products. Oh, all of my friends, coworkers, associates, etc. now know what lousy customer service you have! Watch your sales in West Texas go down the tube!

Chad D

West Texas

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