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Bryant Evolution Air Conditioner Overview

The Evolution central air conditioner from Bryant is comprised of three models: 180B, 186B and 187B. These Energy Star-qualified units reportedly emit noise starting as low as 68 decibels, making them essentially as quiet as a vacuum cleaner. This is in part due to the AeroQuiet System II, which provides sound-dampening properties in the cabinet and fan among other things. The units all feature two-stage scroll compressors, Evolution™ diagnostic controls, and DuraGuard Plus for exterior durability and protection from the elements. The Evolution series models come with SEER ratings that range from up to 16 SEER for the 186B to 20 SEER in the 180A model. The models offer a range of cooling capacities from 1.5 to 5 tons.

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Consumer Reviews of Bryant Evolution


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Bryant Evolution Air Conditioner Reviews

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"Buyer Beware"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased the Evolution Series 12/2014. Every year since then I have had to be without ac for a minimum of 3 days, this time 10 days. I would like to be able to return the unit and buy a Carrier, but can't. I called Bryant to see if they would offer to provide some help, but should have expected the lack of concern I received. I want anyone out there to stay as far away from anyone that recommends a Bryant. They must give their distributors a huge kickback. So if you are recommended a Bryant, find another ac Installer.

J Johnson

Tamap, FL

"Worst reliability ever"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Got the Bryant Evolution, 4 ton multi pack. It was supposed to be very good. In house digital control unit went bad and had to be replaced, then it burned up two circuit cards in the unit in the first 4 years, and at year 8 the compressor has failed. Original house unit was good for 20 years. I guess my only data-point is this one vs. The previous one. Sure seems like a lot of bad parts and they are all expensive.

E. Olson


"Worst air conditioner ever. DON'T EVER BUY A BRYANT"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have a Bryant Evolution series air conditioner and have had nothing but problems since I have had it and now the condenser is bad. Bryant is refusing to cover it or any repairs what so ever, I would never ever recommend Bryant for anything, and when I talked to customer service I was told basically to bad and there is nothing that they are willing to do nothing at all to help me with this problem even thought they are known to have compressor problems with this unit! Please stay away from Bryant, they can't be trusted with there product or warranties!


Grand Rapids, MI

"Crooks and thieves"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Stole a burner from my home and I was told by Jr that this never happened and was hung up on after spending 2800.00 cash. If I can save one family from this problem. Thanks Bryant Jr. Look at maps and u will see a very sloppy install and my Bryant tattoo. Wow. Yes it was painful.




2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Purchased this unit on December 21, 2009 from ***** ***** Heating & Air with a 10-year warranty. Unit has required attention or repair every year that it's been in service. One summer it was down for 3 day waiting on a part (mixing valve). Just had the service technician here on October 17th and it will be October 24th before parts can be installed. Several of the problems are: thermostat doesn't control unit properly, cuts on & off when it wants to and not per setting on thermostat, compressor makes loud noise several times before finally starting up, circuit boards locations allow boards to get wet & short out. Will not purchase another Bryant unit.

W. C. Thierfelder

Goose Creek, SC

Other Evolution Reviews

Several owners and users of Bryant Evolution air conditioners have queried on whether or not the Bryant units, which advertise “perfect humidity control,” are worth the high price. Another user replied that this claim is only meant to justify the price and that all central air conditioners control humidity if they have been installed correctly.

Another user on the same forum asked if he would lose efficiency if he didn’t use an Evolution air conditioner with his existing Evolution furnace. Fellow posters suggest he was likely to lose on efficiency if installing a different brand of air conditioner as there would be no guarantee he’d reach the highest SEER rating with a mismatched system.

Bryant Evolution Model Numbers

The Evolution is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number SEER BTUs per Hour
598BN024-A 15 24,000
598BN036-A 16.5 36,000
598BN048-A 15 47,500
598BN060-B 15 60,000

Evolution Warranty

Bryant offers a limited warranty on parts that spans 10 years, subject to on-time registration after purchase. If the product isn’t registered within a period of 90 days, the warranty is valid for five years only. For jurisdictions where benefits aren’t applicable post registration, a 10-year limited warranty on parts is offered. You may enquire with your dealer about optional warranties for extended periods that may include costs such as labor.

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