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Biasi B10 Boiler Overview

The Biasi B10 is a cast iron boiler that is both gas and oil burner compatible. The B10 is Energy Star compliant and has an efficiency of up to 87.2% AFUE. It features a 3-pass heat exchanger boiler design which contains three times as much interior surface area, allowing up to 40% fuel savings over conventional single pass boilers, according to the company. The B10 can be direct vented outdoors, meaning no flue is required. The unit also has an easy-access swing door for easy serviceability.

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Biasi B10 Boiler Reviews

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"Worst boiler ever"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Paid Valerio air system Inc to install 2 of this boiler in 2015, every year I have to spend at least $500 in a technician to repair one of the boilers. It looks like one of them is defective, but no one takes responsibilities for it. Neither Valerio Air System owner(Cesar) or the manufacturer wants to take ownership of the issue. I will no recommend the product or the company that installed it. $12K thrown away. Please get a more common boiler so you will have different option to get the repair done. This boiler is no well known :(.


Methuen, MA

"Outstanding boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

As a rep for a New England based wholesale distributor, I've experienced zero issues and zero warranties for the b10 series boiler when paired with a Riello oil burner. From time to time, controls, gauges, pumps, zone valves, etc.., will fail, but that's to be expected and not Biasi's fault. As for issues noted by prior reviewers, I'd have to assume the boiler is undersized for the home, improperly installed, or both, and it goes without saying quality fuel oil is a necessary ingredient for any oil burner to operate properly. Buy from a reputable/knowledgeable installer and enjoy the warmth & savings this boiler manufacturer offers.

Stan Wicks

Hartford, CT


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had this system installed 9 months ago. No matter how high I set the thermostat, the temperature will not get higher than 60 F. Guy has been here twice, still no luck!

Gary Hall

Casco, ME

"So far so good"

4.0 rating
Somewhat Satisfied

I had a new boiler put in because old one froze and boiler cracked. I believe it's the highest btu out of the b10 series. It cost me $10,300 installed. I've had it 10 months now. Some of the radiators froze too in steel elbows which cracked and needed to be replaced. The heat is excellent as long as there is oil in tank. Jan 2017 took 175 gallons oil with one ton of pellets for pellet stove at 68 degrees. So I took thermostat down to 62 degrees and cut down heating oil to 175 gallons for February and March. The pellet stove used one ton for same time. My house is 3600 sq ft with all cathedral ceilings with highest point 16 feet. The furnace when really heating a lot makes loud popping sound when stops. My dad, daughter and mother in law had hot water furnace and theirs didn't make noise like that. The circulator pump started making intermittently a high pitch screeching humming noise. The contractor had not initially changed out the pump, because it was not leaking and still pumping. Just recently I demanded he install a new pump, because tired of hearing annoying noise and scared the pump will breakdown anytime. The contractor states I have to pay for pump. Anyway I have to say I can count on this furnace to heat on cold days. Hopefully the price of oil will not go up! What also annoys me is that the oil burner will start on and off to keep temp and pressure ready when heat is needed. I plan on turning it off this summer if it ever comes to Northern Maine.

Gene J Desjardins

Van Buren, ME

"B10 cast iron oil fired boiler"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

The B10 series cast iron low mass oil-fired boiler has been a great addition to my house. Paired with the Riello burner, I wouldn't choose anything over this boiler. I considered another Buderus but I am glad I went with the Biasi. Much more affordable, and for the same quality! I haven't had any issues whatsoever! It runs super quiet and my fuel bill has also decreased! It's been 5 years now and it's still running strong!


Dover, NH

Other B10 Reviews

Online reviews of the B10 on HVAC forums are largely positive. Multiple posts on refer to the B10 as an excellent unit and there are very few negative comments. There are a couple of comments about how small the unit is, which makes installation easier and provides less standby heat loss.

B10 Warranty

The warranty for the Biasi B10 boiler is comprised of the following:

  • 1-year warranty on the boiler and casing
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the boiler block to the original purchaser

Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.

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