Baxi Luna Wall Hung Boilers

Baxi Luna Wall Hung Boiler Overview

The Baxi Luna Wall Hung boiler is a combination heating and domestic hot water gas condensing boiler (a “combi boiler”) with an efficiency of up to 92.5% AFUE. The nickel-chrome, stainless steel design of the premix burner and primary heat exchanger provide resistance to corrosion. The unit is approved for closet installation, and the fully modulating fan and direct vent ensure quiet operation. The Luna Wall Hung features an electronic, gradual ignition and a gas valve with continuous modulation system. The fully automatic self-diagnostics include a CPU microprocessor for optimal efficiency. Multiple units can be cascaded to share the same vent with a single exterior opening.

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Consumer Reviews of Baxi Luna Wall Hung


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  • 6.67% of customers recommended

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Baxi Luna Wall Hung Boiler Reviews

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"Not Happy"

2.0 rating
Somewhat Unsatisfied

Downsized from a home with the fabulous Viessmann oil boiler system. I was looking forward to this tiny condo with its luna powered radiant floor heat and promise of on-demand hot water, all with the economy of gas. I've had service people here so often that I am now receiving the; 'there, there, old girl treatment'. WINTER-Hot water for showers takes an eternity. I turn it on and walk away knowing there's time to make the bed, etc. summer-i finally get a comfortable cool temperature set then brace for the cold finish. Did I mention water pressure? That's just another 'old girl' problem.

K. Withee

York, ME

"Baxi Luna in ottawa"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Stay away from it. Manufacturers don't stand behaving on it. And Mom and dad installers have no clue nor training to install Parts are hard to find and emergency help when it breaks down in minus 20 is non existent.



"Nothing but problems!!!!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Baxi boiler has been nothing but problems!! I have been pouring so much money into this boiler! Do not purchase I have only had it 5 years! So dissatisfied!

M Salino

"Don't buy!!"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had nothing but trouble with this boiler, installed about 5 yrs ago. It commonly stops working- won't fire, won't reset, have put $2000 into repairs and total replacement of every possible part. It quit working when the temps went down to -45 f in January 2017 while we were out of town, hasn't worked since (now August). I had to drive from Arizona to Montana, buy enough electric heaters to cover 1200+ sq ft, then drive back in a snowstorm.

J. Normark

Seeley Lake, MT

"Do not purchase one"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Problems with the system making our water way too hot. Had the plumber over several times and they kept trying to lower the system temperature. Heating guy called the company several times for instructions but nothing worked. Finally they said I had too low water pressure so they had to put in a 5 gallon water heater to get the system correct. Now I am paying an additional electrical fee and will have to replace the water heater every few years. I also had several problems with the outfit installing the heater, from a leaking propane line to no shows with no calls, etc. But that is a different story. Now my thermostats will not call for heat. I want the unit gone as I hate it. Also I found out my heating company put the unit in their name and not mine on the warranty.

L Colby

Barnstead, NH

Other Luna Wall Hung Reviews

Many comments on HVAC forums describe the Baxi Wall Hung boiler as a good unit. Reviewers on several threads on describe the unit as reliable and quiet, with several installers saying that installation is clean and easy. A couple of reviewers were not pleased with Baxi’s customer service and website.

Luna Wall Hung Warranty

Baxi boilers are covered by a 10-year heat exchanger warranty and a 1-year parts warranty (2 years if installed by a qualified installer who has earned the Baxi installer and service technician certification). An optional 10-year extended parts and labor warranty is available.

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