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Axeman Anderson Brand Overview

Axeman Anderson Manufacturer Overview

Axeman-Anderson Company manufactures gas, electric, coal and oil steel boilers. Axeman-Anderson is a privately-owned company located in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Corporate History

Axeman-Anderson Co. began its business of building and selling boilers in 1944 with a coal-burning boiler which took over two years to develop and is still manufactured today. The company now manufactures over thirty boiler models with different energy sources. The company moved from Williamsport, Pennsylvania, to its current location in South Williamsport in 1981.

Product Lines

Axeman-Anderson boilers are all made from steel and hand welded. The company promotes its products’ ease of installation and maintenance. Axeman-Anderson boilers have efficiency ratings as high as 88 percent, and all Axeman-Anderson boilers comply with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards.

Coal Boilers

The Axeman-Anderson coal boiler, called Anthratube, uses anthracite as fuel and is touted for its ability to eliminate ash dust through use of an internal vacuum system. The company claims that running an Anthratube can cost 50-percent less than other heating systems such as gas or oil.

Electric Boilers

Axeman-Anderson electric boiler units are called Enerstor. They can be used with a forced warm air heating system, central hot water, or as an addition to a heat pump system. A benefit of this electric boiler is that it uses low-cost off-peak electricity and can be used with solar power systems. The Enerstor requires no chimney.

Gas Boilers

Axeman-Anderson gas boilers can be used indoors, outdoors or in mobile homes, and can be fired by gas or oil. The indoor Centaurus model operates on demand instead of continuously, making it cost-effective to run. Additionally, the Centaurus operates quietly, is easy to take care of, and resides in a compact housing with controls and pipes that are easy to reach. The outdoor heating modular (OHM) system, meanwhile, was designed for solar additions. It is installed outside to lower operation noise and increase space in the home. The compact MPO-S can be installed inside or outside of a mobile home and fired by gas, oil or propane.

Axeman-Anderson gas boilers are in compliance with the Hydronic Institute of Boiler and Radiator Manufactures (IBR) standards and tested by the Department of Energy (DOE).

Oil Boilers

Oil boilers produced by Axeman-Anderson can be used indoors, outdoors or in mobile homes. There are five models of indoor boilers: the WL series, the NPO Series, the Centaurus (there is also a gas model of this type), the Vesta and the Olympia. The NPO models boast an 88.7% AFUE (efficiency).


All Axeman-Anderson boilers come with a non-prorated lifetime warranty. The company states that the warranty is as good in forty years as it is in two.

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