Ashley Hearth Pellet Stove Reviews

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"Junk don't waste your time. Works for almost 24 hours before it stopped"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Absolute garbage don't waste your money and time work for almost 24 hours before it started throwing codes customer service sucks warranty sucks stove sucks spend the money and buy a good one



"Great stove from United States Stove Co"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Works great and provides much heat for 1000 sq foot room. Was easy to install. Customer support is great by United States Stove Co. Requires much less maintenance and cleaning compared to most other brands. Does not need to be shut down daily for cleaning like most other brands require.

Tom P

Frostburg, MD

"model AP5790"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought this pellet stove,(Ashley) and had it less then 6mon. And had problems from day 1, they have a number to call and never get through to them, emailed and text them, the problem is the stove over feeds the firebox, their response is there is no adjustment for that, the gasket around the window leaks from day 1, their response is to call the number that you can not get through too, I thought Ashley stood behind their product, I guess Not

J. Sell

Portland, IN

"Don't buy this stove"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This is a 35-day story. It is not a good one. I bought this stove on November 30, 2018 from Tractor Supply, and have had nothing but problems from it. First, it was damaged during delivery to the store, with a large scratch on the front of it. Not a big deal, Tractor Supply took some money off the price, but I should have known it was a harbinger for things to come. Then, when I opened it at home, they did not include the handle assembly in the package. I called US Stove, gave them the model number and part number, and they said they would send me a handle. Three weeks later, a handle arrives, and it isn't the right handle; doesn't fit, it isn't even the right type of handle assembly. So I called customer service again and was told they can't locate the part number for the handle that I read to them from the manual since they changed all the part numbers. I don't buy the explanation, but fine; they have escalated the issue to the warehouse supervisor to try and find Part No. 892663. Of course, customer service had no idea when that might happen, so I'm just waiting for them to call me when someone finds the part. I'm skeptical I'll ever see this handle. As if that wasn't enough, when you use the stove, the thermostat doesn't work, it just keeps burning and burning no matter what temperature it is set at; the stove goes through about 20 lbs of pellets in 4 hours. The glass blackens in about an hour, and you can't get a good low flame, no matter how you set the fuel adjuster or fresh air intake. Despite the missing parts, inoperable thermostat, the lack of efficiency, and failed customer service, I was still ok with the stove since it was keeping the place warm; I'm a pretty patient guy. But then we reached this morning. I went to start the stove, and nothing happened, the control panel just flashed before showing an E2 error after about 30 seconds. I followed the troubleshooting guide, cleaned the stove out, did everything the guide told me to do, but nothing fixed the issue, so I called customer service again. After going through all the options, I was put into a voicemail box; voicemail was not what I was looking for. The voicemail was actually the last thing I was looking for; the frustration level was increasing at this point. I then tried the text feature to contact US Stove, only to get a reply that they are busy, I should be patient, and to look at their youtube channel. It is clearly an automated response, and you would have thought someone would proofread it before they programmed it, but clearly, they didn't since the response says, "Our expert staff will be you asap." I can't wait for them to be me and spend several hundred dollars on an incomplete stove that doesn't work. Finally, I received a response from the text. Now, I'm pretty handy, but alas, I did not take Pellet Stove Repair 101 at any point during college or law school. Still, technical support seems to think I am capable of taking this stove apart, disconnecting the wires from one of the internal pressure switches, and jumping the stove using a paperclip to maybe get it working. I think I saw Macgyver do this once, but I am not as awesome as him and don't feel like electrocuting myself. So now I'm reduced to writing this negative product review like some lonely internet troll when all I wanted 35 days ago was to put a nice little pellet stove in my house to keep us cozy all winter while the family hung out and spent time together. Curse you US Stove, you have turned me into something I hate, and now I have to loathe myself all weekend as I sit shivering next to my inoperable stove, judged as less of a man by my wife and children for my inability to resolve these issues with the text messaging assistance of expert staff who will be me asap. So the moral of this story is, don't buy this stove; it will turn you into a cold, self-loathing, internet troll.

Dan Bengyak

Hudson Valley, NY

"Save your money"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Stove looks nice, small in size, other than that, this stove is junk. I haven't had it a year, yet already replaced auger motor, igniter failed already. When attempting to talk to them, they want you to fix it yourself. That's why I bought a new one, so I don't need to work on it. Their warranty, at least for me, is no good. They have no repair people in my area so it's my job to fix. Another huge issue is the stove has no removable ash pan, so stove must be shut down for several hours in order to vacuum ashes out. How damn hard would it have been to install an ash pan so the stove could work. Unless you are bored and need a full time job keeping this running, I recommend not buying an Ashley or US Stove Company product. They are no help in righting a wrong situation.

mitch dean


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