Armstrong Air G2D95 Furnaces

Armstrong Air G2D95 Furnace Overview

The Armstrong Air G2D95 is a discontinued two-stage variable speed furnace. The G2D95 had an AFUE rating of 95% and was Energy Star rated. The unit featured an ECM variable speed blower motor with “soft start” and “soft stop” for quiet operation. Stainless steel heat exchangers and a weldless crimped primary heat exchanger design provided maximum durability. The insulated heat exchanger and blower compartments and isolated burner enclosure increased efficiency and ensured reduced sound levels.

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Armstrong Air G2D95 Furnace Reviews

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"Bad ECM blower again on G2D95CT-080V16-2"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

My comments are almost identical to the previous review. The furnace is now 9 years old and so far has performed satisfactorily apart from the blower motor failures. The originally installed motor was replaced under warranty after 4.9 years. The labor charge $400 I consider excessive – it was 1 hour for me! The replacement motor + module was the upgraded Eon version and it lasted just 4 years before the varistor and capacitor in the control blew up. The motor is still ok but I cannot get a replacement control module from aftermarket suppliers because it is supposedly factory programmed for the motor and furnace. The installers say that the replacement is now a motor with integrated controls for $c1800 – not including installation etc! And suggest I buy a new furnace!! I will not have a new furnace (and never an AirEase) but will have the old psc technology fitted and hope this furnace will keep going for a few more years. It is disgraceful that 10 – 15 years is considered a reasonable life span!

Dundas, Ontario

"Blower replacement too costly"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have an Armstrong g2d95ct080v16c-2a furnace We had the blower unit replaced under the parts warranty in 2012, but now the company that sold us the furnace says they are unable to source a replacement part in Canada and said the only one they can get is in the U.S. takes 6 weeks to get delivered, costs $1,500 us his cost, and it would be $2000 installed to repair. I have called the manufacturer A.A.C. a Lennox International Company and all I get is voice mail, so I did leave a message, but no one has called back. Everything else on the furnace checks out ok, no error lamps. I watched the tech try to get the unit blower started and all you here is a click of it trying to start the blower. Even the a/c compressor starts up ok, but blower won’t start. Are we really out of luck here and have to replace a whole furnace just because the blower will not work? It’s about 12 years old. Shortly after we got it we had a defective mother board replaced under warranty. Other than the blower replacement in 2012 we have only had the company who sold us the unit to come in to do inspections. So far the company has charged me for the service call and insists we are better of replacing the whole furnace. Not sure what else to tell you, but we did check the rating of the company that has installed and maintained the furnace and they have only a one star rating now and other complaints, so can we are arrange one of your free inspections listed on another companies the website to get their opinion on our best course of action. The question I have for you is a problem with these variable speed blowers and high replacement cost a known issue in the industry? P. Laframboise 10 Addington Street Amherstview ON Canada

Kingston Ontario, Canada

"Maintenance required"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had this furnace for 4 years now and I believe it was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made. Last night I had my third break down (three winters in a row) due to the pressure switch.

North York, Ontario

"2 stage motor fails continuously"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I live in Toronto- I have 4 kids and it can get really cold up here. I like to travel and be away from the home knowing that my furnace won’t die. Well my Armstrong 2 stage motor- variable speed is breaking down every 18 months. My contractor/installer doesn’t want to deal with Armstrong anymore (he’s had so many complaints and returns with this issue). Now I have to deal with the company or distributor. Here’s how it works: I have to pay the distributor for a new motor. He ships the old defective motor to armstrong and they happily send me a cheque to cover my cost. What a joke. I have 2 carrier heating/cooling units at 2 of my investment properties and it looks like I will have 3 carrier units very soon.

toronto ontario

"Is there a worse furnace?"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Bought a new Armstrong a/c and Furnace in 2010, the furnace has been a problem from day one, and the a/c hasn’t been much better. Yes, the original contractor was part of the problem, but I am now on my third company trying to make it work with no luck. The furnace simply quits working from time to time. It can go for several weeks without a glitch, then it might quit 3 or 4 times in a 24 hour period. You can plan on no help from Armstrong if you contact them directly. I tried to go a cheap route with a cheap furnace, and in the end it is going to cost me because I’m going to have to bite the bullet and buy a real furnace. If you are in the financial position where you have no alternative but to buy an Armstrong, you better research the installer, because you’ll need all the help you can get from them with what I have found to be a very unreliable product.


Other G2D95 Reviews

The few online comments about the G2D95 are not very positive. Given a choice between the G2D95 and a comparable Rheem furnace, most contractors on chose the Rheem. Comments about the G2D95 described it as not in the same league as the Rheem and as one of the noisiest models available. Contractors on another thread also describe the G2D95 as a loud unit.

G2D95 Warranty

Product registration is required for maximum warranty coverage. The Armstrong Air G2D95 comes with a 10-year parts warranty and a limited lifetime heat exchanger warranty. If the unit is not registered within 60 days of purchase, the warranty defaults to a 5-year limited parts warranty and a 20-year limited heat exchanger warranty.

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