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Armstrong Air Enhanced 95 Furnace Overview

The Armstrong Enhanced 95 furnace is a two-stage, variable speed gas furnace that has not been produced by Armstrong since 2009. The Armstrong Enhanced 95 can achieve an AFUE score of 95 percent. The furnace cabinet is insulated for quiet operation, and the unit features a stainless steel heat exchanger. This furnace qualifies as an Energy Star furnace, which means it meets strict energy efficiency standards.

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Armstrong Air Enhanced 95 Furnace Reviews

"Poor furnace"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I had this furnace installed January 2, 2014 at cost of $3,455. On April 28, 2014 discovered water leaking from furnace. Hose connecting to collector box was leaking. On January 29, 2016 found more water leaking. Attributed to leaking plug in collector box resulting in vestibule plate badly rusted and corroded. On February 10, 2017 we had no heat. Attributed to plugged drain. On October 30, 2017 we had no heat and, once again, attributed to plugged drain. I have lost total confidence in this furnace and would not recommend Armstrong to anyone.

Toledo, OH

"Three strikes"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Had a brand new Armstrong gas furnace installed when I bought this 1972 tri-level 1100 square foot house – March 1997. Maintained with twice yearly checks before heating/cooling seasons. April, air filter changed 2-3 times per year. Had two problems with that, one minor. 12/2011, it quit working. Part broken and no longer made. Got a new furnace, another Armstrong (dumb move?!). Now it is 5/2016 so it’s 4 1/2 years old, quit working over a cold spring weekend. Need a new pressure switch or sensor, the guy is here right now. Obviously I am not buying a brand new furnace, but I have absolutely no faith in this brand. Would never buy one again, nor recommend it to anyone. Again, for the record, well maintained (did switch companies for maintenance due to ownership change) with biannual checks and more than recommended filter changes (allergies). Pretty disgusted.

Stoughton, WI

"Contractor is everything Don’t blame the equipment for a poor install"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We are a contractor based just outside Milwaukee and have been in business 55 years. We have carried Armstrong products for 16 years. As I read through most of the reviews here there are a couple of things I would like to touch on here. I noticed a fair amount of reviews have ties to a blower motor problem and a builder. I would like people to be aware that a lot of builders chose their contractor simply based on one thing, and that is price. a failed blower motor to me is a sign of a couple of things. First, an undersized or poor filter choice. Remember the best filter for your air quality is not the best for equipment. If you want better air quality go to an electronic or 4″ pleated. The super pleated 1″ are terrible for equipment. Second, an undersized duct system. to figure out if either of these are a problem a simple static pressure test will tell that.Third there is a blower setting on the furnace, if your contractor does not make sure to set this up as required with the air conditioner it can also cause problems. The cheapest contractor is usually cheapest because he cuts corners. I also noticed someone say their heat exchanger rusted out in 9 years, I find this hard to believe as every heat exchanger that Armstrong produced since 1986 as far as I know is stainless steel. As for the person who stated their second floor doesn’t heat and the furnace is super loud, I can bet you that there is a distribution problem and this is not the fault of the furnace. Both issue you have stated about this lean me toward that. You could put any furnace you want in there but until the distribution system is fixed the problem will always exist. I will say that there has been some pressure switch issues with the new 33″ tall models as one contractor noted, however when redesigning the furnaces for new government regulation all companies have had some bugs to work out. Also as another contractor pointed out this equipment is made in a factory and there is some error on any product produced in any factory. I have installed other equipment and it works fine, but I just have fewer issues with the Armstrong. It all comes down to the Installer. Is that $500 you save now worth the higher energy bills(and yes if not installed properly a furnace will cost more money to operate), constant failure of equipment, thousands in repairs, and the sacrificed comfort you get with a poor install, well, that is for you to determine.

Muskego, WI

"I am a Hvac Contractor"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

I am a Hvac Contractor. This business (family owned)has been in business since 1956. I have been installing high efficiency furnaces since the 80’s. In the 80’s and 90’s I used to do warranty work for about 10 manufactures on tanks and boilers and furnaces. Number one rule 97% of all problems are installation. Second rule is that out of 100 units built 2 will fail. No manufacture builds a unit that wouldn’t heat your home but thousands of contractors out there can screw it up with out the training or knowledge. Yes 40 years ago units were simple, but I have found that the furnaces are more dependable now. But I sell Armstrong furnaces (99% are the 95% models) and I recommend these and promote them because of their dependability. I get my business from referrals and happy comfortable customer not the fact I sell Armstrong but because of the way they are built which helps my reputation. Did your service person check everything, gas pressure, manifold pressure, temperature rise, grounding, clock the unit to make sure it was proper. I have gone to check units that homeowners were unhappy with a product only to find that it was not installed or set up properly. There are to many out there just slapping these units in. One common problem on a condensing install is there is not enough slope on a side wall exhaust and no support so water will collect in the low spot and the unit will shut down if the pressure switch will not stay closed and turning the power switch off and on is not a repair. Blower motors burning out, are the ducts big enough? Was the unit over sized? If you had an old furnace that was 100.000 Btu’s (at 60% efficiency) you don’t put in a 100,000 high efficiency furnace you would put in a 60,000 btu at 95% the old 100,000 gave you 60,000 btu’s of heat the 60,000 hi-efficiency would give 57,000 btu’s of heat. So if you put in 100,000 new furnace it would del 30% more air so chances are the static pressure is too high and the motor would work too hard to try to get the volume of air to the outlets. There are lots of reasons homeowners would be unhappy and these are just a couple possibilities. Sorry for being so long winded but anybody wanting to check out a product google class action lawsuits (and the product type – e.g. runners, desk or whatever they are checking out) I really hope customers go with the contractor they are comfortable with, and if your gut tells you something, listen to it. Hope all are comfortable and happy from now on. Cheers!


Other Enhanced 95 Reviews

An Armstrong Enhanced 95 furnace owner writes to because his blower motor won’t turn on. After interviewing the customer, the HVAC contractor that assists the owner believes that insects have entered a drainage pipe, so the problem appears to be not a malfunction of the furnace but a maintenance issue.

A potential furnace customer asks for a comparison between the Armstrong Enhanced 95 and the Rheem Prestige Series Plus, as these are the models his builder is offering. All but one of the experts recommended the Rheem model, as this brand seems to be preferred for its quiet operation and reliability. In fact, at least one professional on this forum point to the Enhanced 95 as a particularly noisy unit. Several posters mention that Armstrong offers a good product, and opinions differ widely about which of these two options is superior.

Another Armstrong Enhanced 95 furnace owner asks for advice on regarding the fact that his furnace will not stay lit. A contractor responds with a checklist to go over, and mentions that this model has had repeated problems with the heat exchanger in his experience.

Armstrong Air Enhanced 95 Model Numbers

The Enhanced 95 is available in different models which vary in efficiency and capacity.

Model Number AFUE BTUs per Hour
G2D95AC080V20C* 94.5 80,000
G2D95AC125V20D* 94 125,000
G2D95AU080V20C* 94.5 80,000
G2D95AU125V20D* 94 125,000

Enhanced 95 Warranty

Armstrong offers a 10-year limited warranty on parts. The primary and secondary heat exchangers are covered by a lifetime limited warranty. To receive the full warranty benefits, the original homeowner must register the unit online within 60 days of installation.

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