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Argo Boiler Reviews

"Horribly expensive"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Have had this boiler 6 years. Operation costs are triple what was projected. This year the relays failed and we had a dangerous temperature spike resulting in damage to in-floor radiant heat tubing. The worst investment we ever made.

Mike F.

Ashtabula, OH


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have had this boiler installed 3 years and a relay in the control board melted. The company didn't want anything to to with it and told me to contact someone else about it. They said they have not heard of this problem before. I contacted the place who installed it and they also said they have never heard of this problem before but they would sell me a control board for $500. I found a plumbing supply place that would sell me a board for $325 so I installed the new board. The person at the plumbing supply place said he has heard of quite a few incidents of the board failing on these units. I would of never purchased this boiler if I would of known this. This boiler is very sub par as far as I am concerned!

Jon Starren

Grand Forks, ND

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