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Argo Boiler Overview

Argo Technology Inc. designs and manufactures compact electric boilers. Argo Technology Inc. is a subsidiary of ECR International, a private company headquartered in Utica, New York.

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Corporate History

Argo previously was known as Argo Industries, and was headquartered in Berlin, Conn., until ECR acquired the company in 2001.

ECR came into existence in 1999 through a merger of The Utica Co. and the Dunkirk Radiator Corp., both founded by Earle C Reed in 1928. Both companies worked together in the production and sales of cast iron boilers, radiators and baseboards. The merged company was named ECR after the founder.

Product Lines

Argo electric boilers are sold as the AT series and are available in 11 hot water sizes. The units feature a one-piece cast iron heat exchanger. They are 100 percent fuel-efficient, with operating temperatures of 90 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the manufacturer. All models come equipped with accessories such as neon indicator lights, mounting brackets, circuit breaker and safety limit control, all housed within a painted steel jacket. The 2 element boilers are available in capacities between 6 and 12 kW, while the 4 element boilers come with a capacity from 12 to 24 kW.

Features such as a 2- or a 4-element set-up and modular boiler configuration offer flexible options where capacity and power are concerned. The units come in highly compact sizes intended to make for easy installation and handling.


ECR International offers a 20-year limited warranty on Argo electric boilers from the date of original installation; the first year covers parts, while the heat exchanger is covered for the full 20 years. This applies only to residential installations in single-family units. Any warranty is valid only when copper wire is used for connection purposes in the power mains and when authorized personnel are employed in the installation processes.

A 10-year limited warranty also is offered for multifamily dwelling and commercial applications.

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