AO Smith Energy Saver Water Heaters

AO Smith Energy Saver Water heater Overview

The A.O. Smith Energy Saver is a series of natural gas and propane water heaters designed for manufactured homes. Energy Saver water heaters are available in 30-, 40- and 50-gallon capacities and are available in either standard or direct vent models. A low NOx, Green Choice burner reduces emissions by up to 33%. All models feature Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) technology, which prevents against accidental ignition of flammable vapors. The Energy Saver is equipped with a self-powered gas valve that requires no external power source and provides improved temperature and accuracy. A DynaClean dip tube helps maintain efficiency by reducing lime build-up, and a tamper-resistant brass drain valve increases reliability and safety.

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  • 27.78% of customers recommended

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AO Smith Energy Saver Water heater Reviews

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"They stink"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Terrible quality. I have gone through 4 water heaters in 20 years. Their warranty is terrible. If they replace a new water heater the warranty is 6 years from the time you bought the previous water heater. They replaced another defective one after 5 years and gave me less than a 1 year warranty. Guess what? That one went bad.

J Hickey


"Still working, since 1993!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Don't know why others are complaining so much. My original A.O. Smith water heater, installed when the house was built in 1993, is still going after 23 years! I know what brand I'll be buying when it finally does give up the ghost!


Charleston, SC

"Do not buy"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This unit was installed 4-13-13 to replace my 9-year-old unit. Researched company and at that time it appeared in good standing. So wrong! It is now 2/1/16 and the unit leaked water from the garage to the bedroom. Plumber said the problem was an internal leak, (less than 3 years old) under warranty but cost of plumber to install a new replacement was 463.00. Called AO Smith company and although waiting for customer service to pick up, the girl was very sincere and tried to be helpful. I thought it fair with the damage I had in the bedroom, etc., and that the unit was only less than 3 years old, that possibly they would consider reimbursing me half of the cost of repair. Her superiors said no, if it had happened within a year they possibly would have. So all of you who have written your satisfaction with your units, give them another year or so and I believe you will see that this company does not manufacture their units with quality parts. I will never purchase from them again!

Karen Vajda

Phoenix, AZ

"Save your hard earned money"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

AO Smith used to make a decent product and is still attempting to sell based on their name but replacing their product with a terrible replacement. It doesn't end there. I mean, you think to yourself, it's got a warranty, right? Not so fast. You must pay a plumber to come out and figure out what the problem is (that $100 to $150 has been declared the purchaser's responsibility) then you are shipped the part (again at your expense) and told to have a plumber install it at $120 an hour. As you've guessed, it's not really a warranty at all. Thus, selling you a subpar product without accountability becomes financially profitable. Best bet is to just stay away, and if another company is attempting to install one as their product has failed, refuse and insist on the same company as before.


Sacramento, CA

"Very dissatisfied"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Purchased a new condo in 2002 with a high efficiency A.O. Smith water heater installed. The heater lasted 6 years 2 months before it started leaking (2 months out of warranty). Had it replaced with a new one for $1500 in 2009. I now have to have this "new" one repaired at a cost of over $700. What a rip off! I will never buy an A.O. Smith product again.

John Oda

Springfield, OH

Other Energy Saver Reviews

There are very few comments about the Energy Saver water heater on HVAC forums. A consumer on thought his 6-year-old Energy Saver may need to be replaced because of a lack of hot water, but was advised to change a heating element, which fixed the problem. A consumer on stated that he'd had no issues with his 9-year-old Energy Saver but wondered if he should drain it for maintenance. He was advised by other contributors to leave it alone because draining a tank after so many years could cause other problems.

Energy Saver Warranty

The warranty for the A.O. Smith Energy Saver water heater is comprised of the following:

  • 6-year tank warranty
  • 2-year parts warranty

The warranty applies only to the original owner. Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.


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