AO Smith Energy Saver Water Heaters

AO Smith Energy Saver Water heater Overview

The A.O. Smith Energy Saver is a series of natural gas and propane water heaters designed for manufactured homes. Energy Saver water heaters are available in 30-, 40- and 50-gallon capacities and are available in either standard or direct vent models. A low NOx, Green Choice burner reduces emissions by up to 33%. All models feature Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistant (FVIR) technology, which prevents against accidental ignition of flammable vapors. The Energy Saver is equipped with a self-powered gas valve that requires no external power source and provides improved temperature and accuracy. A DynaClean dip tube helps maintain efficiency by reducing lime build-up, and a tamper-resistant brass drain valve increases reliability and safety.

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  • 27.78% of customers recommended

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AO Smith Energy Saver Water heater Reviews

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"Worst Customer Service"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Been without hot water for 10 days. Beyond frustrated. The hot water tank came dented which ao smith won't do anything about because it's just 'cosmetic'. The unit won't work because the transformer box is defective. Ao Smith sent a new part. I was so excited to see it arrive only to find out they sent the wrong one. This happened 3 times. Wanted to send the whole tank back but their warranty states because it's out of the box a certified tech needs to come out and 'make sure' it's actually not working. Certified tech came out and verified the part wasn't working. Ao Smith then said they couldn't refund the product because it was leaking! The worst customer service ever! What a horrible inconvenience for our family of 5. Wish I knew all of this before spending this amount of money


New York


1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

Right out of the box, the front box broke and I cannot light the pilot. Everything was installed perfectly, but the heater was defective. Lowe's doesn't have the part, so I have to haul the old heater back and get a whole new one and pay for labor again. Lost a lot of money because of AO Smith and their Honywell crap boxes.


Los Angeles, CA

"Do Not Buy This Brand"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I'm on my third AO Smith hot water tank and this will be my last. The one I'm replacing is only 2 years old, due to a manufactured flaw in the tank it started to leak. AO Smith will not stand behind its product, and will not help or warranty anything to help a customer who had 3 AO Smith water tanks in the last 7 years.

bruce garcia

Westport, MA

"AO Smith electric water heater"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I bought a 40 gallon electric water heater at Lowe's. It was defective. Did not make hot water. I went to return the unit for a replacement; called the phone number on unit for a return confirmation number. The person on the other end, a rep for AO Smith, told me that they could not give me a replacement or a confirmation number to return the defective unit. I had this piece of junk for a total of 7 days. I will never buy any of this company's products ever again. They don't back their products that they make. I will buy from Home Depot, Rheem makes a far better water heater. Very unsatisfied with the way they chose to treat the consumer.

Doug Isabelle

Barrington, NH

"AO Smith Water Heater"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I am having to replace my water heater for the second time in three years. The first one would not stay lit to heat the water, the second one has leaked water from the bottom all over my basement. I am so mad right now. I will never buy anything else AO Smith. It's a piece of junk.

Amiela A Holt

Douglasville, GA

Other Energy Saver Reviews

There are very few comments about the Energy Saver water heater on HVAC forums. A consumer on thought his 6-year-old Energy Saver may need to be replaced because of a lack of hot water, but was advised to change a heating element, which fixed the problem. A consumer on stated that he'd had no issues with his 9-year-old Energy Saver but wondered if he should drain it for maintenance. He was advised by other contributors to leave it alone because draining a tank after so many years could cause other problems.

Energy Saver Warranty

The warranty for the A.O. Smith Energy Saver water heater is comprised of the following:

  • 6-year tank warranty
  • 2-year parts warranty

The warranty applies only to the original owner. Labor costs are not covered by the warranty.


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