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"Worst Company I dealt with"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

We purchased this heat pump in Dec 2008 and it is not even listed anymore. This is a 16 Seer 3 Ton unit Model number aaywar0004 that worked great until Dec 2011. For the next 3 years it was one problem after another and it got to the point that a rep from Trane had to come out. I tried to get them to replace the entire unit but they would not. We purchased the extended warranty to cover this for 10 years. They pay for all replacement parts and or labor subject to the product coverage listed. Make sure you read it word for word. Does not cover shipping the replacement item so you have to pay for that. Service calls are only covered if during normal hours so if call is outside normal hours then you pay the difference so if you have an issue after hours it will cost you. I will never purchase another American Standard product again.

H Hughes

Hartville, OH

"Air quality is very poor"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

I have lint-like white gray stuff all over my home and the installer doesn't know how to fix it. Wonder if it's installed properly?

Hema Jani

"Never buy American Standard"

1.0 rating
Very Unsatisfied

This furnace is 7 years old and I have replaced the main circuit board, igniter and now it is a paper weight. This furnace has not functioned properly since I purchased it. The company customer relations is very poor as well as one of the worst warranties in the business. If this is what this company thinks America's Standards are then our country is in trouble. You are a fool to waste your money on this company's products!

B. Schillo

Kasson, MN

"Gold ZM"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

We purchased this unit in 2014 along with a Gold A/C SEER 16 unit. This was a replacement for the original Builder Standard unit (Goodman). We have 2 zones and this was for my lower level with 9 foot ceilings. This unit is whisper quiet and provides a very comfortable environment. Easily handled the Northeast New Jersey snowy winters. Our energy costs are significantly lower and consuming less energy. The variable quality allows it to run on a slower speed for most of the time and it rarely kicks into high speed; only when returning from a trip when set on a lower vacation setting. This allows for an even temperature and no swings. Although slightly more then others, you get what you pay for. Trane/American Standard is truly the best.


Princeton, NJ

"Heating fast for a good price!"

5.0 rating
Very Satisfied

Our old furnace died in the fall of 2014 just after bringing home our brand new baby. I looked at reviews and we chose to purchase an American Standard model. It heats our home very quickly and our bills have been significantly lower since the purchase. We have had no issues with it and have not had to repair it at all. I would absolutely buy this brand again. The only con is that It was expensive but after seeing the lower bills every month I feel like the cost was worth it.

Morrison co

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